Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Aarav asking Simar, if I shall say some thing. She nods her head. He says after she left, he don’t experience hungry or thirsty, don’t have any feeling, have end up numb. He says I need to do work, however your idea doesn’t pass farfar from my thoughts. He coughs.

Simar makes him have water and asks if he’s fine. Aarav says I didn’t sleep considering that many days, I need to sleep for sometime. He rests his head on her lap. Samar performs the guitar and sings tune. Simar and Aarav are at the terrace. She pats on his shoulder and prays to Mata Rani, to convey his peace again and says I can’t see him in trouble. She recollects Badi Maa’s phrases and takes again her hands.

Reema says Aarav and Simar are each responsible of me, one attempted to interrupt my marriage and different gave me a signal which is outlined on my thoughts forever. Just then the telecellsmartphone battery of Vivaan’s telecellsmartphone switches on. Reema thinks this a lot gun powder is sufficient. Aarav wakes up listening to the cat sound. Simar says I idea a person got here. He says he were given a non violent sleep for five mins. He takes the dupatta from the rope and covers on their heads. Mahiya tune performs…..

Aarav says time is disloyal to him, and says complete lifestyles may be stay in a single moment, tells that he hopes she remains with him forever. Simar recollects approximately Badi Maa’s phrases and takes to the air the dupatta from their heads. Simar says I am now no longer a thief, and tells that go along with the waft is easy, however it makes the relation complicated. She says if our relation is hidden, then it’s miles incorrect. He asks what are you saying? She asks him to say, who’s she to him, and why is he assembly her secretly.

Aditi asks Sandhya, significantly you allow bhai pass nowadays. Sandhya says I allow him pass simply nowadays, as I couldn’t see his restlessness.

She says his name isn’t always reachable, and says if Badi Maa involves realize then what hurricane she can be able to convey. Aditi asks her to strive Aarav’s wide variety again. Reema involves Avinash and Indu’s residence and says I need to speak to you some thing vital else I wouldn’t have come. She says Aarav haven’t back domestic considering that evening. Indu asks what we are able to do, if he didn’t come.

Reema says, however nowadays is karwachauth and Oswals idea. Indu says you human beings are questioning that Simar and Aarav are celebrating Karwachauth right here. She asks her to visit PS and asks her to investigate together along with his friends, and asks her now no longer to return back there for Aarav. She says Simar advised without a doubt to Gitanjali Devi, that she has forgotten her relation with Aarav.

She says she trusts Simar greater than herself and could now no longer undergo to insult her delight and recognize. She tells Avinash, if she is incorrect. Reema says even I accept as true with Simar and wishes to inform in my sasural that they’re now no longer collectively. She says even I gets the braveness if I meet Simar once. Avinash says I don’t suppose that I shall make clear Reema. Reema says the problem is ready my sasural, allow me meet her once. Avinash says I will take her to her room. Reema says now no longer room, terrace.

She says it’s miles karwachauth and says each of them is probably there. Indu says I will see, who will win, your doubt or my accept as true with. Reema says allow test once. She says the time will say, who will experience and who could be punished. She says my one assault could be heavy for you, simply wait and watch.

Aarav says there are a few members of the family, which haven’t any call, however may be simply felt. She says it’s miles very overdue now, you shall depart from right here. Aarav says it’s miles overdue, however we’ve distance among us collectively and says how can I pass, in case you say like this. Simar says such talks appearance top in movies and now no longer in actual lifestyles. She says we haven’t any identification of my relation.

Aarav asks if there’s not anything among us. Simar asks him to inform the call and says the members of the family which haven’t any call, turns into stranger. He asks if I am stranger for you. Simar says I need to realize, who am I, why am I for your lifestyles with what relation? She says I need to realize? Aarav says I…Just then they listen the footsteps. Reema is coming there with Indu and Avinash. Simar says it appears a person is coming right here. Reema opens the terrace door and receives inside. Simar and Aarav are hiding at the back of the blanket. Indu asks did you get readability now? Reema says you’re questioning me incorrect and thinks don’t realize wherein did they pass?

Avinash says Simar isn’t always like that. Simar and Aarav hears them. Avinash says Simar can’t do something incorrect. Reema says Papa, you don’t realize something, and says I even have visible, and thinks the video recording is my blockbuster recreation and thinks first she can be able to reveal them, after which will display their recording to everyone. She says the garments need to be dried, I will convey them down. Aarav and Simar are striking at the pipe. He says if we’re stuck then I will inform that I got here to satisfy you forcibly. Simar says we can face the trouble collectively. She prays to Mata Rani to shop Aarav. Reema pulls the bedsheet and couldn’t see every person.

Samar comes there, pretending to speak to Simar. He says we had long past out to malai milk and asks did you strive? Reema asks why she didn’t go back with you. Samar says she will be in CID. He says her slipper broke, I requested her to take a seat down there and got here right here to get her slipper. Reema says you left her on my own at the road, and says I will include you and spot her and her slipper. Samar asks her to return back.

Indu asks Reema to return back together along with her. Samar recollects seeing Simar with a person (Aarav) and that’s why stored her. He says I will depart. Aarav and Simar come to the terrace. Aarav says Reema is probably upto some thing. Simar says Reema di can’t be incorrect usually and says if Maa and Papa have visible us collectively then they could have broken. Aarav says if I haven’t met you, then I could be broken.

She asks him to go away, and says we haven’t any call for our relation. He asks why did you get worried for me, after I coughed etc. Simar offers him promise and asks him to go away from there. She opens the terrace door to move out. Aarav says he’ll do as she says. Indu asks Reema to suppose as Simar’s sister and now no longer as Oswal’s bahu. She says she usually idea approximately you, however you’re accusing her.

She says my daughter will now no longer provide the test, I am together along with her and says whoever don’t accept as true with her, shall now no longer come right here. Avinash says even I am with you. Indu says you got here in Reema’s talks for a moment. Reema says I even have Simar. Indu says sufficient and says she can be able to now no longer undergo the stain on Simar and asks her to go away, and inform her badi maa, now no longer to ship every person right here.

Samar thinks who changed into together along with her at the terrace. He thinks she helped him and now he helped her. He thinks to invite her, who changed into there together along with her. Sandhya talks to Aarav. Aarav says he’s nonetheless there and is leaving. Sandhya asks approximately Simar. Aarav says she is same. Sandhya asks him to return back domestic fast. Reema thinks sanskari Simar will damage yourself recognize and walks farfar from there.

Precap: Reema indicates the video of Aarav and Simar to Badi Maa. Badi Maa receives upset..


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