Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with simar coming to reema’s room and calls her di. Reema asks her to knock on the door after which come interior. She says once more, knock and then come. Simar’s smile vanishes from her face. She is going out, knocks at the door and takes her permission to return internal. Reema asks her to return. Simar says i’ve delivered clothes for you.

Reema throws the clothes and asks if oswal own family bahu will put on this clothes. She asks why did you bring those garments? Simar says she is badi bahu and got here to present garments to choti bahu. She says those clothes are not old. Reema laughs and asks in case you are bahu.

She says i knew all that simply as your dishonest is caught, you was kicked out of house, but aarav confirmed pity on you and taken you again. She says i additionally knew that aarav made you sign up the divorce papers too. Simar recalls and a fb is shown, and tells that your fraud marriage countdown has all started, and says you will be out of the house, out of aarav’s existence, however i can live right here as oswal bahu. She asks her to drop her idea of becoming bahu right here, and says real bahu is me, and you are visitor of few days right here.

Simar says i’m your sister too and you have forgotten. Reema says you forgets the entirety according to your convenience. Simar asks what do you mean? Reema closes the door and says you didn’t keep in mind that i instructed you truly that i can go back in 2 hours, you had forgotten this. She says i told you that i can return certainly and had informed you that aarav is just mine and of no person. She says i had said, and asks do you don’t forget, did i inform you or no longer? Simar says yes, you had instructed me,

with the aid of maintaining knife in your hand and threatened me. Reema says sure, i did and asks who had kept knife on your neck to marry. She says you must have waited for an hour and asks what could have alternate. Simar says i had visible papa’s condition and maa’s fear. She tells the entirety, avinash scolding simar and simar 1 soliciting for him to get simar 2 marry. Simar says if i had now not married then they could have died. Reema says that mandap became mine and says your eyes was on aarav and took rounds together with your jija.

She asks did you think once, that you are betraying your sister. She asks don’t you experience hatred to wear mangalsutra which is of my call.

Simar says it was for you, but no longer anymore. She says i have worn it due to helplessness, however reputable it clearly and i’m able to now not permit some thing take place to it. Reema says why did you put on it? Simar says didn’t you understand even now, about the strain on us?

Reema says this is your blo*dy expression which you married in pressure, tells that if i was on your location, then wouldn’t have sat in your location, never. Simar says do you believe you studied that i have taken your vicinity, and tells that if she has no goals of her own. She says if i had notion about myself then today papa wouldn’t have been alive. She says i didn’t did this for myself.

Reema says you shall no longer harm when leaving the own family and says this is my residence and circle of relatives. She says i have won residence and surname, now i need to win aarav. Simar is stunned and asks what are you saying, you’re dewar ji’s spouse, you are betraying him. Reema says i’ve learnt lesson of betraying from you and says what’s mine, can be snatched. Simar asks will you play with dewar ji’s feelings.

Reema says i had no choice left. She says devesh humiliated me and broken my dreams. She says you married on my location, papa kicked me out, i was walking on the road barefeet, i neither had refuge nor money. She says vivaan was last alternative for me, and i’ve chosen him to get aarav. Simar says enough. Reema says aarav used to message me, cherished me and desired to marry me, but you snatched him from me and hurt both of us and didn’t experience shame. She says thank god, my aarav confirmed you, your cost by using divorcing you.

She says it is remember of some days, you will just be history. She asks why are you getting sad, you will satisfy your dream, and sing and will do every other marriage. She says this is simply the start, face yourself, oswal circle of relatives must see so much, whoever insulted me, i’m able to show their vicinity to them. She says i will do everything, anything i wanted to given that youth, says i will see who will forestall me, and i’m able to shatter the oswal mansion’s depth.

She says i can not sit peacefully until i take revenge for maa and papa’s humiliation and that could be a promise. Simar is ready to head. Reema asks her no longer to expose her face to her once more, and says anxiety traces doesn’t appearance excellent on oswal circle of relatives bahu, so go out of my way. She asks her to close the door. Simar goes and closes the door.

Chitra tells reema that we both understand that you aren’t first desire of vivaan. She says there have to be some thing that he wants to be with you. She says we both need his happiness. She says she wants to give her present and desires to welcome her in this house. Vivaan comes there and hears her. Reema touches chitra’s feet and thanks her.

She says you don’t need to convey this, however i will take delivery of it, as i don’t need to harm you. Chitra says i were given it made for kajal, i’m happy that your and kajal’s taste fits. Reema hugs her and thanks her. Chitra says you’re my bahu now, and whispers that they may win as they may be players. She says it’s far huge night for you guys. Vivaan thank you chitra. Chitra says i really like you and asks him to be satisfied. She is going.

Reema looks at the necklace and smiles. Chitra goes recalling speakme to giriraj. He asks her to act with reema and he asks her to make reema are available their team, and she shall remember that she will be badi maa’s favored. He says reema is greater understanding than simar. Chitra finds his making plans exciting. Giriraj asks her to make reema apprehend to express regret to badi maa and do the work until she forgives her.

She says reema is like fighter aircraft and asks will you control her. Chitra says reema like people can’t fight with their greed. Reema put on the necklace. Vivaan hugs her and says i convinced everybody. Reema breaks the hug and says we need to convince badi maa, maa and papa.

He says all and sundry will agree slowly. Reema says until each of our own family agree for our marriage, this is inaccurate. Vivaan says we were given married, how can this be wrong. Reema asks him to wait for sometime, and says you had said that everybody will agree. She says she don’t want to begin their relation with the burden and says i am hoping you apprehend.

Vivaan says i don’t understand. Reema says i’m afraid after some thing came about with me, i need to do the whole lot with elders’ blessings. She says it is just a rely of time, i am with you, only for your love. Vivaan appears on. Simar thinks of reema’s risk that she will win aarav from her. She prays to mata rani and asks why i am blamed usually for that one incident.

She says i will apprehend for others, but how can di blame me, i did the entirety on her insistence. She says you are witness, that i never wanted to take her place and don’t want to grab aarav ji from her. She says i am not right here to win right here, and is right here only for the promise, which i gave to aarav ji. She asks god to prevent reema di and give her a few mind. She says i don’t need reema di to harm aarav ji again.

The lamp sets off within the temple. Simar tries to mild the lamp, but it sets off again. Aarav comes there and closes the window. He looks at simar lighting the lamp within the temple and praying to god. She prays to mata rani and asks her to make the whole thing quality.

She says i don’t want reema’s heart to break and aarav to get harm. She says who is inaccurate, shall realize their mistake. She prays to mata rani to convey peace and happiness inside the house and fill sweetness inside the relationships. She holds mata rani’s locket given by way of simar 1. Aarav appears at her from a ways and prays to god as well.

Precap could be added later.


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