Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 23th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Aarav telling Simar that he can’t cross seeing her smile and thank you her for retaining karwachauth rapid for him. Simar says yes. He says I may have chole bature from the shop. She asks why, from the shop? Aarav tells approximately his preferred dishes. Simar asks how do you realize that I even have made it.

Aarav says I understand, that you may make meals of my preference and says it’s miles stated….She asks what? He says I understand your desire and says you don’t want to prevent me, I am already stopped. Simar says I didn’t say. He says he is aware of her heart. Simar says if I inform that if I had meals already. He says your humorousness is meals, I understand you didn’t have meals. Simar says wait here, I will deliver meals for you.

Badi Maa says Maharaj, you didn’t suppose to tell me and asks him to head. Reema involves Badi Maa and asks her wherein is Aarav, if he went out to fulfill a person. Badi Maa says the only who does the paintings with out asking, is worthy. She says Maharaj ji stated that Aarav haven’t eaten meals considering morning and had satisfied him to lie. She says Aarav can idiot Sandhya, however now no longer me and asks her to discover wherein is he?

Simar sees Samar speaking to Indu and Avinash. Indu says she has stored her walking footwear ready, as she were given samar now. Vivaan sees Simar and is going to her. He asks how is she? She says she is fine. He says he could be very satisfied to look her. Simar says even she is satisfied to look her in shape and fine. She hugs him. She then meets Lalit and hugs him.

Reema asks Simar, wherein become she and says all of them have meals already. Simar says she become with a few visitors and says she can be able to serve them meals. Reema says she can be able to take meals for them. Simar says she can be able to take it. Reema says she can be able to serve. Aarav calls simar and asks if she went to get meals, or to make. Simar says you’ve got got meals at Gupta ji’s house. She asks Reema now no longer to serve meals and is going. Reema thinks to test at the terrace.

Avinash talks to Samar and asks him to sing. Simar rejects Aarav’s name and thinks he’s hungry there, and here. Samar says who will dance. Vivaan says they shall make the chits. Reema sees Simar worried. Simar selections the chit and says Reema di. Reema thinks I will make you dance in sometime, with none track. Samar sings tune, even as Reema dances. Everyone joins as Samar sings desi girl. Reema involves the terrace and is set to look Aarav, while he sees her and hides. Reema thinks how is that this feasible and is going. Aarav comes out of the cool animated film and thinks he were given conceal out place.

Samar asks Simar to sing tune. Aarav involves the balcony. Simar says Aarav ji. Reema involves the kitchen and searches for him. She then searches Aarav withinside the room. Samar performs track even as Simar sings tune Mitwa…All the couples dance. She imagines Aarav preserving her hand. Suddenly Aarav comes infront of her, stunning all people. Simar stops singing. Aarav asks her to retain singing. He holds her hand and kisses her hand. He holds her nearer and that they dance even as she sings.

He kisses her forehead. It is her imagination. He is status in the back of the pillar and wipes her tears. Simar asks him to head from there. Reema sees her and is coming toward her. Simar says sorry, I even have switched off the mild mistakenly and asks them to face wherein they’re status. Reema comes there. Simar switches at the lights. Reema says I idea a person is there and says can be lizard. Lalit says we will depart now, we felt excellent assembly you all. Vivaan says even we can depart, we definitely loved after a long term. He tells Samar, that it’s miles great assembly him. Samar says all people says this.

Simar involves the terrace and says if all and sundry had visible you downstairs then? He says you can’t even sneeze after I am there. He says I understand you may now no longer allow me cross with out consuming meals. He says first I will make you eat, and you then definately shall make me eat, as in step with the rasam. She says no greater rasams now. He says I can’t positioned you in trouble and could depart. Simar asks him to finish the rasam and says what approximately the rats leaping in my stomach.

He smiles. She makes him have meals. He likes it and symptoms and symptoms her. He then makes her have the meals. Song performs…..kabhi meri nazar utarna…..He says your meals is tasty and your voice is excellent. He asks what Samar become doing here? Simar asks how do you realize Samar? He says I known as you Simar and requested what’s he doing? Simar says Samar is a track director and he supplied me an album. Aarav asks if she agreed. Simar says she don’t need to signal with her, and says our vibes aren’t matching, he’s boastful and flies in air. Aarav asks her to agree and asks her to vow that she can be able to agree. Vivaan asks Reema to test for his telecellsmartphone.

Reema says can be you’ve got got forgotten, I gets it via Gagan tomorrow. He says ok. It indicates Reema is looking Aarav and Simar having meals collectively and recollects retaining Vivaan’s telecellsmartphone at the terrace, and retaining video name on, to seize them. She says you each can’t examine every different after this day.

Precap: Aarav tells Simar that he didn’t sleep after a long term and tells that he desires to sleep on her lap to sometime. He rests his head on her lap. Reema indicates their video to Badi maa. Badi maa is shocked.


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