Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with reema listening to the shout and thinks what’s happening. She says a person open the door. She calls vivaan and then calls on his intercom wide variety, when the call couldn’t be related, she thinks wherein is he? Sandhya asks vivaan now not to try this? Gajendra asks him to throw the lighter. Chitra asks aarav to stop him. Aarav is ready to go to vivaan, but he asks him to forestall. He says there’s just one solution, i like badi maa very plenty and respected her, and additionally obeyed her, with out making her recognize that i discover her regulations as incorrect. She says you have got tagged reema as my mistake, i will’t choose between you and reema, so i’ve determined to stop myself.

Aarav shouts chote. Vivaan says my happiness doesn’t mean to you, so i will end myself for for all time. He says i’m witnessing the hearth and could give up myself. Chitra asks him to throw the lighter. Vivaan says no one will come infront of her. He says you’ve got made my love as sin and kept my spouse hungry and locked. He says you will remember my dying, badi maa. You may remember the injustice, you have got performed to your blood. Badi maa is shocked and recalls, a facebook is stunned. Her husband marries some different lady and brings her domestic. Badi maa pours kerosene oil on herself and threatens to kill herself. Her children come there and hug her. Badi maa asks him how he can overlook her, as she is his wife and applies sindoor and mangalsutra of his name. Fb ends. Badi maa gets tears in his eyes. Each person shouts asking vivaan to throw the lighter.

Simar, aarav, sandhya asks him to prevent. Vivaan says no one will forestall me. Chitra is going to badi maa and asks her to prevent vivaan. She pleads infront of badi maa to stop him. Sandhya asks badi maa to shop vivaan and says he’s your grand son, do some thing before he hurts himself. Chitra says please. Giriraj shouts asking badi maa to prevent him. Vivaan is ready to mild the hearth to his clothes. Giriraj says my son will die. Vivaan says allow me die, i am just taking breath on this oswal mansion. He says permit reema die too, she is already shattered. Aarav says we will speak. Vivaan says examine badi maa, there’s no worry in her eyes, there is not anything beyond her ego, she has turn out to be god of stone, i don’t need to live in such family. Aditi asks badi maa to stop vivaan and says if something takes place to him then i can’t stay. Simar walks toward vivaan and asks him to take a look at all of us’s faces and think what’s going to take place, if something happens to him. He says your mother and father loves you lots, maa and papa loves you like aarav ji, reflect onconsideration on your brothers and sister. She asks him to recall about his love for badi maa. She says your relation with reema di occurred now, however you have relation with everybody for the reason that start.

Vivaan remembers the coolest instances, he has spent with badi maa and others. Simar says reema is unaware that you are trying to provide your life for her. She says you like her, then how will you leave her on my own. Every body cries. Vivaan says but, she is by myself despite the fact that i live, i can’t meet her, feels bad for one of these life. He says you are right, everyone loves me, but no person has the braveness to keep my love. He asks her not to prevent him, and asks her to let him die, and asks her to transport again. He lighting the lighter once more. Every person is stunned. Simar pushes the lighter away with force. Vivaan is set to get the lighter, however aarav holds him, slaps and hug him. He cries. Absolutely everyone cries and take a sigh of relief. Aarav scolds vivaan and asks what turned into he looking to do? Chitra hugs vivaan and cries, scolding him with courtesy. Vivaan says nowadays you stored me, however you people not be around me to shop me once more. Sandhya asks aditi to deliver the towel.

Vivaan says i feel suffocated here, what’s the usage of such lifestyles, wherein i’m able to’t take a decision and don’t have freedom to pick my happiness. Badi maa is also teary eyes and greatly surprised. Vivaan says i’m able to attempt it again, bhai. Sandhya wipes him with towel and take him inside. Badi maa recalls vivaan’s harsh words for her and is shocked and shattered. She receives teary eyes and sits on her chair. Giriraj comes there and holds her legs. He says i’m now not telling which you are incorrect, your words are like the line of stone for me. He says mistake changed into of vivaan, but what to do, he’s our blood. He says if some thing takes place to him, then how do we live? He asks her to forgive him. Gajendra asks badi maa to forgive vivaan and punish them alternatively for their upbringing. Badi maa receives up and is going. Giriraj says i can make vivaan apprehend, and asks her no longer to be strict, asks her to forgive her grand son. Gajendra asks him to handle himself. Giriraj cries.

Reema is concerned thinking what goes on in the house. She attempts to appearance out from the window and find nobody there. She shouts if everyone is right here. Badi maa is taking walks and coming there, thinking of vivaan’s phrases. Chitra asks vivaan no longer to do that again. Aditi offers him water. Sandhya asks him to have water. Vivaan nods no. Sandhya asks him to depart his stubbornness. Simar thinks anybody is with dewar ji, di have to be involved, i shall pass there. Vivaan asks what incorrect did i ask? Why it’s miles a sin to be with someone, why no person apprehend my love for reema, i’m able to die without her. Reema asks if each person is right here? Badi maa takes keys from the shield. Simar appears at badi maa and thinks why is she going to reema di. Badi maa seems at simar. Simar receives greatly surprised. Reema seems at badi maa.

Badi maa tells simar that she has innocence on her face and he or she has visible such harmless face before too, and feature usually seen the cunning facet of her at the back of her harmless face. She says you both sisters deliberate to go into right here and set the sport against us. Simar says you’re wondering us incorrect and says we don’t have such purpose, believe me. Badi maa throws keys at her and says take your sister out from right here, and rejoice your victory. She says your victory and happiness is simply the problem of few days, as i take 2. 5 steps lower back, however haven’t familiar defeat as i never receive defeat. Simar selections the keys from the floor and opens the door. She comes internal and hugs reema. She asks are you pleasant? Now no one will lock you inside the room. She says there may be a tension inside the house, so be cautious. Reema says you’re thinking you’re elder than me, as you married elder grand son. Simar asks her to come. Reema asks her to go out and watch for her. Simar comes out. Reema comes out overlaying her head with dupatta.


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