Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Indu telling Simar that if Samar remains here, then it’ll be good. Simar says you’re trusting him so soon. Reema says few human beings don’t consider own circle of relatives, however ego. She says more earnings is needed, while one greater character is brought to the own circle of relatives. Simar says I haven’t any problem, however I am possessive approximately my own circle of relatives. Indu says I will make preparations of puja with my new friend.

Samar says you need to get geared up because the moon for the moon. Indu asks if he talks to elders like this. Samar says Simar is elder here. Simar thinks she is eagerly anticipating the moon, because it will deliver peace to Aarav ji. Reema asks Avinash to maintain eye on Simar, as she would possibly throw Samar and asks him to persuade her to do the album. Avinash says I will. Reema says bye to everyone. She offers irritated appearance to Simar and leaves.

Samar involves the terrace, in which Simar is placing the LED lighting fixtures at the railing of the terrace. He asks her to do it rapid. He compares Karwachauth to Valentine’s day. Simar asks how are you going to compare? Samar says there’s a difference, belly is empty in Karwachauth and pocket is empty on Valentine’s day. Simar says you’re assisting Valentine’s day. Samar says women aren’t made for him, simply tune is all the time. Simar says love isn’t always illusion, and different matters are illusion. Samar tells approximately Shahjahan making
Tajmahal for Mumtaj and says why showoff? Simar says we recall a few songs because it remind us of our close to ones, and says that king had discovered all the time love in that monument. She says their love turned into unconditional. Samar appears on deeply prompted through her, and says I didn’t pay attention this sort of massive speech on love. He says it’s far waste of time for me. Simar says you could in no way be hungry. He asks if I am good-looking after which asks if she will maintain rapid for a person. She says for all my life, if I can deliver happiness to a person.

Samar asks did you maintain rapid for absolutely everyone. Simar says no. Samar says you don’t want to inform me. He says I will maintain the wires. He switches at the lighting fixtures. Simar thank you him. Samar says you’re welcome. He says the character might be fortunate whoever you love, he’ll make Tajmahal for you. He is going. Simar thinks nautanki baaz.

Sandhya receives Aarav geared up. Aarav says I am very satisfied to maintain rapid for Simar. Sandhya says I usually need you to be satisfied, and need simar’s issues to end. She says there’s no vacation spot on your aim. He says I will now no longer forestall with out getting it. He says I have to cross earlier than the visitors come. Sandhya says good enough and asks him to be careful.

Reema brings the diya and asks Aditi to move and says I will see. The women come there and compliments Reema on her beauty. Reema thinks even she didn’t recognize that she loves Vivaan so much, that she will live hungry for him. The female praises Reema once more for the coolest decoration. Badi Maa smiles. Reema sees Aarav going from there and receives doubtful. She thinks my eyes are on you. She walks at the back of him.

Badi Maa involves Aarav and prevents him. Reema stops seeing Badi Maa preventing him. Badi Maa asks Aarav, in which is he going at this time? She says visitors have come at domestic and Puja can begin at anytime. He says I…Badi Maa asks him to exit later, however first deliver shagun envelopes from the storeroom. Aarav is going to the storeroom and appears for the envelopes. Reema locks the door from out of doors and says he’s the primary character who desires to meet his ex on karwachauth day and need to make a promise to her,

however I won’t assist you to meet that Simar and could now no longer assist you to overlook the slap sound, and I may also now no longer overlook. She is going from there. Aarav receives the envelope and knocks at the door. He thinks he has no telecellsmartphone and thinks if he don’t attain Simar, then his rapid might be incomplete. He knocks at the door.

Samar appears at Indu’s palm and says this can’t happen. He says a person is coming inplace of Avi, who will love you and could make you elope. Indu asks shall I maintain the jogging footwear geared up. Everyone laughs. He appears at different female’s hand and is ready to inform poetry. Simar comes there. He appears at her and tells poetry praising her. Samar asks Simar to return back. Simar appears on the Taj mahal from the terrace.

Samar says thank you however no thank you. He asks Indu, if she gave beginning to her, consuming highly spiced chilli. Indu says my daughter is sweet. Samar says praising your daughter. He is going to her and holds her hand and says your coronary heart might be damaged many times, and says whoever breaks it’ll attempt to restore it, till it receives repaired. He says there’s love triangle too, one is trapped and different one goes to be trapped. Simar takes returned her hand.

Aarav knocks at the door and asks if absolutely everyone is listening. Aditi asks approximately Pandit ji. Reema says Pandit ji. Aditi says Pandit ji comes each yr for puja. Reema says he ought to be at the manner and calls him. She asks him to return back to Oswal mansion on the earliest. Pandit ji refuses. Badi maa hears her and says how he can’t come? She says puja might be performed, adore it occurred each yr. She says name him anyhow. Reema calls Pandit ji once more and says Badi Maa stated that she can be able to name a few different Pandit, as you refused. She says vintage relation is breaking. Pandit ji says I am coming in 10 mins. Reema asks him to return back.

Shobha and her own circle of relatives comes there. Roma and Lalit take Badi Maa’s blessings. Sandhya asks her to return back. Badi Maa holds Shobha’s hand and says you’ve got got ruined our appreciate through going to jail. She says this time I actually have stored you, however will now no longer permit even my toe dirty. Shobha offers her respond and says I am similar to my mother. She name callings her for seeing her combating the case and says even this time you’ve got got proved which you bailed me out on your appreciate.

The visitor female praises Reema and tells that Vivaan has performed love marriage, and says he decided on the proper girl. They ask approximately Simar. Reema says they may be divorced now and asks the female now no longer to speak such matters in this auspicious day. She is going to Roma and praises her. Shobha tells Divya that sister’s Jodi is troubling her and tells that they shall do something. Aarav is caught still. Simar receives restless.

Precap: Simar dances at the tune le ja le ja, even as Aarav appears on happily.


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