Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Simar going to the room and seeing Mohit holding Aditi’s hand, while the last is watching out. She yells Aditi. Mohit leaves Aditi’s hand and says Simar ji, come. Simar goes to Aditi and inquires as to whether all is great. Aditi says bhabhi Ga… ..and quits seeing Mohit. Simar says Mohit ji, you are here. Aditi sees Gagan going on his bicycle and thinks he came for myself and going through a similar aggravation as me. Simar asks Mohit why is he here, and says young lady and fellow will not meet before marriage, it isn’t permitted in our home. Mohit says badi bahu blows up as well and apologizes to her. He says you let me be in the large house, and I came here, however my goal was not off-base seeing your sister in law alone. Simar says will I show you the way, you have truly failed to remember the way. Mohit says our methodologies are unique, however it is pleasant gathering you. Sandhya comes there and gets amazed seeing Mohit there. Mohit welcomes her and goes. Sandhya asks Simar why is Mohit here? Simar says he came here looking through the washroom.

She goes to Aditi and asks what was the deal? Aditi says Gagan came to meet me, he is additionally longing for me. Simar says bhai came to give puja stuff and went. Aditi inquires as to whether he didn’t inquire as to myself. Sandhya requests that Simar bring Aditi late and says I will go. Vivaan comes there and requests that Aditi and Simar come ground floor. He lets Aditi know that today she is turning become upward and requests that she be glad consistently. He says don’t have a clue when sisters grow up, and afterward we need to offer them bye. He inquires as to whether you are solid because of make up or truly. Simar says she is truly wonderful, and says I will send Reema di. She goes. Vivaan and Reema bring Aditi ground floor holding her hands.

She leaves Aditi’s hand seeing Aarav coming there. Aarav expresses gratitude toward her for coming first floor and says it will be obligation on your sibling consistently. Aditi says he went. Sandhya gets vexed and goes from that point. Aditi and Mohit sit for the havan. Pandit ji requests that he hold her hand and do the havan. Mohit holds her hand and places some stuff in the havan. Pandit ji does their tilak and says havan is finished, take older folks’ endowments with the goal that we can begin the rasam. Aarav thinks where is Simar?

Shobha comes to Rajendra and says everybody is sitting tight for you. Rajendra checks and recommends medication to the patient. He lets Shobha know that this is his facility time. Shobha says we need to go for Vivek’s commitment. Rajendra says I figure we will delay the commitment, what we will tell to Divya’s folks. Shobha tells that Lalit is coming for marriage, I have conversed with him. Roma comes there and asks when did he call? Shobha says he had approached your number, however you was occupied in washroom. Rajendra says atleast he is coming. Roma gets glad and offers him tea. He denies. Shobha says gives up for commitment.

Mohit and Aditi take Badi Maa’s gifts. Simar thinks on the off chance that I will enlighten Aarav ji regarding Mohit and thinks assuming he had accomplished something wrong, Aditi would have told me. She thinks how to make everything fine in 9 days. Aarav comes there and asks with whom you are conversing with. He inquires as to whether all is well. Simar says yes. Pandit says commitment opportunity arrived. Aarav says gives up for the commitment. He holds her hands. Pandit ji says young lady and fellow hold their hands, with the vow not to leave their hands.

Simar’s ring gets snared in the enhancement material. She passes on his hand to free her ring. Aarav takes out the ring from her finger to take out the material string. The ring tumbles down on the ground. He sits and picks the ring. Pandit ji requests that Mohit make Aditi wear ring. Aditi gets strained. Sandhya signs her. Aditi gives her hand to Mohit. Aarav holds Simar’s hand and makes her wear ring. Pandit ji says you are promising her that you will consistently adore her, and will keep the association until the end of time. Mohit makes Aditi wear the ring. Everybody applauds. Reema gets upset and sees her hand and afterward Vivaan. She thinks to win back Vivaan.

Aarav gets up and checks out Simar. Aditi makes Mohit wear the ring. He inquires as to for what reason is ‘G’ composed on your hand. Aditi says it is plan. Pandit gives them all the best. Aarav and Simar come there. Badi Maa, Sandhya and their family alongside Rana ji family shower bloom petals on Aditi and Mohit. Simar and Aarav check out one another.

Indu requests that Avinash ask Gagan when he returns. Avinash says how might you stand unwind and says it is an important choice. Indu says you just say that children will proceed to have their advancement. Gagan gets back home. Avinash inquires as to for what reason didn’t you let us know that you got arrangement letter and need to leave tomorrow. Gagan says I have conversed with my companions and will remain at their place. He says he will do nothing off-base at this point. Avinash gives him arrangement letter. Indu trusts Aditi’s marriage happens pleasantly with no issue. Avinash requests that she have trust on mata rani.

Vivaan tells Aarav that Badi Maa requested that they drop Rana ji’s family. Rana ji lets Badi Maa know that the embellishments and courses of action were acceptable. He says he is trusting that Aditi will turn out to be essential for our home. Badi Maa says she will be yours tomorrow. Mohit thinks where is Simar?

Simar figures she was unable to call Yamini Devi, atleast she is working on singing. She considers Aarav. Reema comes there and inquires as to whether she is free, she needs to converse with her. Simar says you don’t have to thump, I am free for you generally. She requests that she sit and requests that she show her mehendi. She says we used to see each other hands, with the goal that who will get really adoring spouse. She says once we applied mehendi on bhai’s hands. Reema says then he didn’t go to class for seven days. Simar says then I have gotten his work done.

Reema says your mehendi was gone while doing it. Simar says those were acceptable days. She takes a gander at Reema’s mehendi and says it is the shade of Devar ji’s affection. She says the sparkle all over is showing your romantic tale. Reema gets up. Simar asks what happened Di? Reema says on the off chance that I tell you, you may save you, as you generally saved you. She says I am caught and don’t have the foggiest idea how to come up. Simar asks what was the deal? Reema then, at that point, changes her words and says you know Vivaan, he gives shocks and so forth I don’t have that quality, yet I have chosen to do very exceptional for him. Simar says we will design very exceptional arrangement for Vivaan ji, as he isn’t at home. Reema says my dimmer and embraces her. She thinks to admit her sentiments to Vivaan.

Aarav lets Vivaan know that the present capacity was acceptable, chutki came first floor and all the rasams occurred. Vivaan says she kept family bliss first over her satisfaction. He says what is important is seniors’ favors, others is squander. Aarav says you are chatting with development, I am glad for you. Vivaan says we will confront reality. Aarav says I realize that you are discussing Reema. He says you should defy her, your sibling is with you.

Reema asks Simar where did she go, in the wake of requesting that she close her eyes. Simar says I am here just and requests that she close her eyes. She gets something from her pantry and comes to Reema. She then, at that point, covers her dupatta on her head. Reema says this is my marriage wedding dress. Simar says you will dressed more perfectly than the marriage day and shock him, and he will imagine that it is acceptable that you got hitched.

Aarav stops the vehicle and gets down with Vivaan. He says you know why she came here, to make you extremely upset. He requests that he proceed to defy her. Try not to be frightened and proceed to confront her. Vivaan says I will confront her, for myself as well as my family. He says I will converse with her subsequent to returning home and will tell everything plainly whatever is in my heart. Aarav says indeed, we need to take represent ourselves, else the world underestimate us. He says your sibling is with you. Vivaan says I know.

Reema inquires as to for what reason will I prepare? Simar says will I tell you, so when she sits on the wedding bed, her significant other will be astonished. She says lets recover the enchantment of first evening. Reema gets modest. Simar says it will be your first evening, as you will begin your existence with him. she says my Di will not get anybody’s terrible sight. She says they should be coming and I will embellish your room. Reema figures she don’t have a clue what will happen tomorrow, I need to make this evening critical with him, and needs to let him know the amount I love him.

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