Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The Episode begins with Badi Maa smacking Jogi hard all over. Jogi says how could you. Badi Maa says I can set out to do anything and tells that it is not his issue to worry about, whatever she had done in her life. She says govt has valued this land for 1 crore and requests that he take the cash and leave. Jogi requests that she give 1 crore, 10 lakhs and requests that she pay 10 lakhs for the slap. Aarav composes the check and provides for Jogi. He at that point slaps him hard and says 1.2 crores, have added the cost of this slap as well. He leaves from that point with Badi Maa.

Reema contends with the Rickshaw driver and gives him cash. Simar says I will take the cart and depart. Reema says who is more youthful, you, so will forfeit. Badi Maa and Aarav are coming out. Simar inquires as to whether there is any such principle. Reema takes her stuff and leaves. Aarav asks Badi Maa, for what reason did she trusted that years will get this property. Badi Maa says there is a harmony subsequent to winning the fight. Aarav asks with whom? Badi Maa says with past and says you have demonstrated that you are my acceptable senapati. Aarav requests that she proceed to give meet in Vividh bharati. Badi Maa says I have handover you with numerous duties in two days. She leaves in another vehicle. Aarav looks on.

Simar says she got a major obligation. Sandhya reveals to Simar that she knows both the seniors and young people. Simar says God has made their jodis, they are yet to meet. The youthful Simar sees a doggy and sees the fast vehicle. She rushes to save the little dog. The vehicle driver stops the vehicle, similarly for what it’s worth going to hit the pup. It shows Aarav is driving the vehicle and gets down to grasp the pup. Simar takes a gander at him and grins. Music plays… ..

Aarav kisses the doggy and plays with it. He drops it making a course for security. Simar gets hypnotized. He goes to his vehicle, takes a gander at Simar and eliminates his googles. He at that point sits in his vehicle and drives off. Simar takes a gander at him. All at once her shoe breaks, she grasps it and searches for auto. She sits in the auto and goes.

In Vividh Bharti’s office, Badi Maa tells that Aarav Oswal is her senior excellent child and lauds him. She at that point acclaims Vivaan to be same like him. The columnist tells that everybody realizes that you have made the shop arrived at statures and asks to whom you need to give credit. Badi Maa says to Devimaa. Shobha, her better half and Roma hear her. Shobha says she is acting and will get her excellent children wedded in a rich house. Simar comes to give tryout in Vividh Bharati and starts singing. Badi Maa blows up and her hands shake up. The chief requests that Simar sing the heartfelt melody, contemplating her better half. Simar says I am not hitched at this point. The chief requests her to think from her beau or somebody she felt better while in transit. He requests that she close her eyes and envisions and sing. Simar thinks about her fantasy fellow and hitting the dance floor with him outside Taj Mahal. Mahiya plays… ..She at that point considers Aarav snuggling the little dog and gets astonished. She gives indications up and signs once more… .Badi Maa hears her and gets vexed. She comes there and tells that she has kept condition with their staff that until she is in the studio, the singing account wouldn’t be there. She admonishes the staff individuals and says I need to kick the bucket prior to hearing such things. Simar sees her and thinks who is she, how might anybody disdain music to such an extent.

Everybody reach to the gathering of Oswal family. Simar (1) comes there. Chitra discloses to Viraj that gathering is acceptable, yet quiet. Viraj says this is your sasural and there is no music in our lives, and it is just plain wrong to consider music. The chief chides Simar for being apprehensive and requests that she go. He says don’t have the foggiest idea why such young ladies come for tryout. Simar goes from that point and reviews Badi Maa and the chief’s insults. She cries.

Precap: Simar comes running and slams into Simar 1. Simar 1 asks what was the deal? Simar 2 requests that she accompany her. She goes out and holds the harmed pup with her dupatta. Predetermination attempts to carry Aarav to Simar. Aarav’s vehicle is going to hit Simar.


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