Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Simar status misplaced at the same time as the curtain is set to capture the fire. Samar comes there and asks Simar, why is she misplaced? He says curtain become approximately to capture burn. Indu asks if she can be able to burn the whole lot. Samar says Indu, it’s miles okay. Everything is first-class. Indu says Simar doesn’t take care of this residence. Simar says I even have promised you Maa. Avinash comes there and says your daughter is aware of to hold up the promise. He says she can’t do something wrong, some thing she can be able to touch, becomes gold. Indu goes. Avinash asks Simar approximately the unique dish today. Simar says it’s miles a marvel and asks him to sit.

Badi Maa tells Aarav that she were given Kheer made for him eparticularly and feeds him with the spoon. Simar offers the kheer to Avinash and says she made it for him. Aarav says it’s miles excellent. Badi Maa says it’s miles clean for your face which you don’t like it. He says he become routine to one-of-a-kind flavor. Badi Maa asks him to alternate his flavor and get routine to this flavor. She asks him to devour and goes. Aarav receives teary eyes and wipes his tears.

Avinash praises the kheer made through Simar and says it’s miles Simar unique. He asks Simar to have it and says you’ll get mad approximately her, I suggest for her kheer. Samar tastes it and likes it. Avinash asks Simar to provide kheer to Gagan additionally. Simar offers kheer to Gagan. Gagan thank you her. Simar then serves kheer to Indu. Indu asks for whom is that this greater bowl? Simar says Aar…after which stops and says I concept to serve it. Lalit-Roma, Reema-Vivaan come there. Reema asks if Kheer is left for us. Indu hugs Reema and asks her to return back. Vivaan asks Simar how is she? Simar says she is first-class. Vivaan says he’s first-class. She asks how is all and sundry at Oswal Mansion. He says all and sundry is on the identical place, in which you left them.

Badi Maa tells Gajendra that she can’t endure Aarav’s situation anymore and says he is attempting to recover from it, however can’t assist it. She says we must manage this situation. Gajendra says I will locate the answer and asks her now no longer to worry. Sandhya comes there and says shall we go. Gajendra says we are able to return, and asks Badi Maa to take care.

Reema offers juice to Samar and asks if he cherished this town of love. Samar says don’t understand approximately love, however this town is interesting. Reema asks if he have become buddies with a person like commercial enterprise magnate. Samar says yes, I had met Sirav singh sodi, who’s strict however good. She asks if he met a person else. Samar says I met a commercial enterprise magnate lately and says he don’t recollect his call.

Gajendra and Sandhya come to Avinash’s residence. Avinash welcomes them. Sandhya is set to hug Indu, however the latter folds her hand and greets her. Samar sees Gajendra there. Sandhya says I concept to name you, however become busy in residence paintings. Indu says I can apprehend and asks her to invite Reema to do the residence paintings and says if she doesn’t do, then inform me. Sandhya says Reema is excellent female and says she has dealt with the obligation well, much like my Simar. Indu asks her to return back. Simar comes there and asks sandhya to return back together along with her to room, and says she desires to speak to her. In the room, Simar hugs Sandhya and cries. Sandhya asks if she is first-class? She asks why are you crying? Simar says I noticed you after many days and that’s why were given emotional. Avinash tells Gajendra that it is ideal that they got here on pageant day. He asks Samar to return back and meet Gajendra. He introduces Gajendra to Samar. Gajendra says I understand him. Simar asks Sandhya to inform, if the whole lot is first-class at home. She asks how is Maharaj ji, if he began out setting much less oil in food. Sandhya says yes, and tells that he used to take your call on every occasion he makes food. Simar asks if all and sundry receives breakfast at time and if all and sundry receives dinner coffee. Sandhya asks her now no longer to invite her, for what she has to lie. She says I suppose that is my mistake, I have to have taken stand for you, like I even have taken for Aditi. She says I become helpless and my palms are tied. Simar says I had achieved a massive mistake and become punished. She says the relation that’s primarily based totally on a lie, it become proper to damage.

Badi Maa asks Aarav to provide the items to the Servants. Aarav offers the items to the Servants. Badi Maa tells Aarav that he’s Gopal and newly married. Gopal asks Badi maa to bless his spouse. His spouse touches Badi Maa’s feet. Badi Maa blesses her. Gopal’s spouse asks Badi Maa approximately Simar bhabhi and says she has heard plenty approximately her and desires to meet her. Badi Maa asks Aarav to say. Aarav says Simar isn’t at home. Badi Maa asks him to inform clearly. Aarav says Simar isn’t this residence bahu now.

Gajendra says I need to speak to you approximately Samar. He says I, Gajendra Oswal is calling your daughter Simar’s hand for Samar. Reema asks definitely and receives satisfied. She asks Gajendra. Avinash asks what are you saying, Samar and Simar. I didn’t apprehend. Gajendra says I understand which you are very amazed listening to this, however trust me, I even have concept plenty and saved this idea earlier than you. Avinash asks whilst did you meet Samar. Gajendra says I regard Simar as my daughter and desires her betterment. Indu says we will apprehend, however she has come right here from her sasural lately. Gajendra says I can apprehend, however desires her to settle down. He says if this happens, then what else we need. He says in case you agree then Simar’s residence might be set. He asks them to suppose. Avinash says you’ve got got positioned me in quandary and I can’t suppose. He says I even have achieved mistake earlier than, now no longer once more.

Simar is withinside the room. Sandhya says it isn’t anyone’s mistake, jodis have been crafted from sky. Simar says our Jodi become now no longer made with Mata Rani’s want and additionally now no longer of elders. Sandhya says don’t say this and holds her mata rani chain, given through badi Simar. She says if I could, then could have select my Simar for my Aarav for 7 births. Simar says we will now no longer disillusioned ourselves, speakme approximately what isn’t in our palms. She says I met you after such a lot of days, and don’t need to look your disillusioned face.

Aarav appears at himself withinside the replicate and says some thing is achieved is past, I will pass on in lifestyles and could begin my lifestyles once more, might be satisfied in order that my own circle of relatives is satisfied. He says I will overlook the whole lot, and could overlook Simar. He says I will overlook Simar….after which receives shattered and says he can’t overlook her. He cries and vents out his ache. Sandhya says you’re asking me to grin and asks what approximately the ache to your eyes. Simar says overlook it maa. She asks her to attempt the sherbet made through her. She takes the glass and turns, and the juice falls on Sandhya’s saree. She apologizes to her and asks her to clean. Sandhya says its ok, don’t take tension.

Aditi involves the room and sees Aarav shattered and crying. She hugs him. He says I am breaking, keep me. She says you can’t damage, you’re the energy of Oswal own circle of relatives. Aarav says did you notice my situation? To whom I will provide energy? He says I even have failed in each relation. He says I sense that I don’t should satisfy any relation and anyone. Aditi says it become now no longer your want, my brother isn’t failure. she says now and again I sense that we’re bearing for our ancestors’ mistakes. He asks till whilst we are able to endure and asks her to do some thing for him. He says this ache is killing me from inside, I will damage and shattered, I can’t endure more. He cries. Aditi hugs him once more and says my brother can’t damage like this. She says reflect onconsideration on Simar bhabhi once, if she sees you on this situation then will she sense good. She begs infront of him, to address himself. Aditi cries too. Aarav cries and asks her now no longer to cry.

Precap: Simar asks her father whether or not the whole lot is first-class. Her father says, Gajendra got here with a idea. He desires you to marry Samar. Simar receives shocked. Other side, Aarav visits Samar at his home..


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