Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 19th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts offevolved with aarav bringing food for vivaan and asking the guard to open the door. The guard says we will’t open the door without badi maa’s order. Aarav asks him to open the door. The defend opens the door. Aarav comes interior and sits down with vivaan. He tells vivaan that they will consume collectively. He says i can make you consume, and i haven’t eaten anything when you consider that indignant. He reminisces formative years recollections and asks him to have bindi and tells that he can have the rest of factors. He tries to feed him. Vivaan asks him to devour first. Aarav eats first and attempts to make vivaan have the meals, however he refuses and says reema is hungry due to the fact that morning, don’t recognise how is she, she is on this situation because of my circle of relatives. He says today i were given married to him and took duty of her happiness and protection and spot what badi maa has achieved. He says badi maa shot at her nowadays, if some thing had took place to her.

Aarav says i am attempting to talk to badi maa and she will agree. Vivaan says she will be able to no longer agree, but i can in no way depart reema till my loss of life. He says i can no longer do whatever incorrect with everybody and will no longer allow some thing incorrect take place with reema, i could be with her until my remaining breath. Aarav asks him to pay attention. Vivaan cries. Aarav receives teary eyes and says chote…believe me…. I’m able to make the whole thing first-class, i promise. Vivaan continues to cry for reema. Simar knocks at the door and asks reema to concentrate to her. She asks her to open the door and have meals. She says aarav ji and that i are seeking to make the whole lot pleasant. Reema says matters may be better while badi maa agree and asks her to head and convince badi maa first. Simar says have food. Aarav comes there. Simar tells him that if reema doesn’t have meals then she might faint. Aarav says scenario is tensed, all of us is angry. We should get some answer, we could go. He walks far from there. Reema hears them from interior. Simar thinks she has to speak to badi maa, she will be able to’t caged dewar ji and reema di.

Chitra knocks on the door and asks reema to open the door. She says i got here to speak about you. Reema opens the door. Chitra appears at her. Reema is going inside. Chitra walks inside and says just wow. She closes the door and asks if she is working towards given that youth to be a perfect spouse, tells that her performing will no longer paintings infront of her. She says i am 110 perfect sure that you have 0 hobby for vivaan and you are interested by his surname and money. She says whenever we met, we fought, we didn’t advantage from it. She says nowadays we will communicate about your betterment, tells her that she will now not benefit from her marriage with vivaan. She says i’m his mother and is aware of him well. She says if you could go away aarav for ms. India contest then vivaan has no price infront of that. She says i recognize that you need to go to mumbai and make your career in modeling. She says inform me your price, i will open approaches that allows you to make your profession.

She says you’ll get the whole thing, call, fame and cash, but you need to leave vivaan. She says you don’t need to be silent bahu of the house, you will get anything you want, simply you have to neglect my son vivaan. Reema shouts at her and says sufficient. She says you don’t recognise your son, his love, and stubbornness. She says allow me clear the matters, i’ve end up this house bahu, tells that even badi maa has to just accept me, tells that she can obtain her goals even after staying in this house. She says i don’t suppose that the bahu of this house desires to be muted, seeing you. She asks if she were given the happiness of being the saas, then she shall leave. She opens the door and says exact night. She asks her to invite shield to shut the door and don’t permit each person come inner. Chitra is bowled over and is going out. Reema locks the door. Simar involves badi maa’s room. Bhairav asks her to move and says nobody can meet badi maa. Simar requests him. Badi maa asks bhairav to permit her come internal. Simar walks interior. Aarav knocks on the door. Reema says who has come now, if that is a residence or birds sanctuary. She opens the door and unearths aarav status. Aarav says i got here to talk. Reema says i knew that you may come to me.

Aarav receives in the room. Reema smiles and is going to him. Aarav says i need to recognize if you love my brother or not, and if no longer then leave my brother and stop this acting. He says change the entirety and leave my brother. Reema says if past needs to be changed, then you have to trade the entirety when you consider that our wedding day till at the moment, are you equipped for that. Aarav appears on angrily. Badi maa says both sisters haven’t left something to talk. Simar says i understand your heart is hurt and you’re pained, asks her to forget about reema. She says i can make her apprehend, and asks badi maa to go away her. She says my papa could be very ill and is a heart affected person, asks her to pardon reema. Badi maa says you experience pain to your own family, then go and tell reema to take opposite rounds with vivaan and go away him, else i’m able to get your father jailed, i don’t care about his heart or thoughts sickness, will lure him in this sort of case that he’ll now not get even water despite the fact that he’s demise. Simar says forgive me, but dewar ji and reema di’s marriage is prison. Badi maa asks in case you are threatening me?

Simar says in no way and tells that similar to narayan family’s prestige is dear to her, oswal family’s status is dear to her as properly. She requests her to take out vivaan and reema from the cage and forgive them. Badi maa says reema has pressured me to do that, if she had no longer crossed the road. She says cross and talk in your sister, make her recognize, else i’m able to wreck your own family. Simar is going. Badi maa says each sisters are teaching me law, gets irritated. Aarav says i have forgotten the whole lot approximately that day and asks her to forget it too. Reema says then you definitely additionally forget about that i’m able to answer you, in no way. She says it is none of your commercial enterprise, that i really like vivaan or no longer. Aarav says it’s far my business and asks her to tell. Reema says you have got finished many guarantees to me and forgotten, did you recollect even one? Aarav says i have forgotten and buried that chapter. He says i have come to talk approximately vivaan and asks her to prevent her drama.

He says if your love is not trustworthy like vivaan then depart him, take divorce and do some thing, please go away him, he is just innocent, it is a request. Reema says in no way, do whatever you want, it’s miles an open project. He gets disenchanted and turns to peer simar status. He walks far from there. Simar walks inside and asks reema, no longer to do that. She says badi maa is threatening to send papa to prison, tells that he is already ill. Reema says badi maa can’t do whatever, she can make you humans mad with her worry, but no longer me. She says papa got coronary heart assault due to badi maa and no longer because of me. She says badi maa has to pay for the torture and pain which she has given us, and i can go back her double. She pushes simar out of room and asks her to tell badi maa that she has end up oswal bahu, neither she will be able to go away vivaan nor her sasural. Simar is taken aback. Within the morning, simar involves her room and sees aarav standing on the window. She says true morning aarav ji. Aarav says desirable morning. She says you didn’t sleep all night time. He says now not even you.

He says he turned into wondering all night time, a way to make badi maa and vivaan apprehend. Simar says she is aware of reema nicely and that she may be very stubborn and sticks to her stubbornness. He gets a call and says thanks very a lot. He tells simar that it became a name from radio station and tells that day after the following day, it’s miles her first recording. He says they may send audio clip for rehearsals. Simar says so much is going on inside the house and this recording now. Aarav says still we’ve got some time. Badi maa comes there and calls aarav. She says i don’t have time. Aarav says i might have come, in case you had known as. He asks what you was pronouncing? Badi maa says we should forestall this fraud marriage drama and asks him to come. Simar says reema di. Badi maa asks if you can do what i requested you to do, then communicate else no. She asks aarav to come back. Aarav asks in which? Badi maa says to talk in your younger brother.

Aarav walks away with badi maa. Reema appears at them from the window and smiles, thinks now badi maa has left her mind-set and agreed. She thinks vivaan shall stand straight along with his selection. Badi maa involves vivaan and says i want to talk to you. Vivaan says i recognize that you love me very a good deal and hugs her. Badi maa says i love you very much and that’s why i got here to you to offer you a last chance. He says leave your stubbornness, and conform to my sayings. Vivaan asks if this is your love? He says if you love me then might have understood my love, take delivery of and respect it. Badi maa says you’re speakme about admire, you have eloped from domestic and were given married. She says you have added the runaway lady who escaped from mandap and ruined our admire. She says you adore your brother a lot and think him as role model. She asks him to examine from him and says he didn’t take even a second to divorce that betrayal girl simar and made arrangements to kick her out in a month. He says do like aarav and leave that girl. Vivaan says with due appreciate, i like aarav bhai and believes him to be my position model, but i am not bhai, but vivaan. He says you could’t pressurize me within the name of bhai, i have married reema in full consciousness and i can by no means backpedal. Reema smiles status in her room.


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