Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Aarav asking Simar, how will he stay with out easy and candy Simar. Simar receives up and says Aarav ji, it’s miles sufficient of terrible talks and says shall we cease it here, and spend the left time to make properly recollections, tells that each people shall now no longer cry. Aarav asks from wherein to start? Simar says packing, it’s miles a huge task. Aarav asks what to percent? Simar says I don’t have some thing unique and asks if I shall take your kurtas. Aarav says that kurta became made through you and asks her to preserve the alternative kurta if she wants. Simar recollects carrying the white kurta and says not anything may be treasured than this. He asks what to percent next. She indicates the own circle of relatives’s percent, Badi Maa’s espresso cup, Aditi’s scarf, Sandhya’s bindiya, Gajendra’s pen and googles through through Vivaan. She says a lot of these recollections will supply me electricity to combat with the lifestyles. He asks are you able to lifestyles with out me, do you’ve got got a lot electricity, Simar Aarav Oswal. Simar says can be no, however those 30 days given through lifestyles, I need to thank them and in those 30 days, I were given a hazard to name an amazing character as my lifestyles partner. Aarav says 24 days, aren’t sufficient. He cries. Simar asks him now no longer to cry and don’t cheat. Aarav says good enough and asks her to smile. Simar smiles. She takes out badi Maa’s coin and says I need to go back it to you. They make a want together. He asks what did you want? Simar says I wanted that your desires shall fulfilled as I might be glad in case you are glad. She asks what did you ask? He says I….Just then Badi Maa knocks at the door calling Aarav. She comes inside. They come to Badi Maa. Badi Maa says I desire your packing might be completed, and says you’ve got got time until morning. She tells Aarav that she has vital paintings for him. Aarav and Simar appears at every other.

Vivaan says similar to Bhabhi and Bhai’s alliance have damaged, our relation will damaged too. Reema says she were given need freedom, however need him. She hugs him and even though we’ve a whole lot difference, however I am the identical Reema whom you had loved. Vivaan says yes, egocentric and greedy, and that’s why I saved alimony column at the divorce papers, you may write some thing, jewellery, property, vehicle etc. Reema asks do you watched I need some thing? He says Simar bhabhi goes empty handed, however you aren’t like her and says some thing she wants, she will take.

Badi Maa tells Aarav that their vans are stopped at toll take a look at submit, and tells that she has record of all challans, and asks him to head there, and make certain that the vans shall pass the border until midnight. He says tonight. She says you need to go away immediately. She says all of the orders are caught and says if the transport don’t show up then we can go through losses. He asks if they may take a look at all of the challans. Badi Maa says yes, allow them to take eight hours or 12 hours, however the vans will be launched. He says Simar is leaving tomorrow. Badi Maa says you may have breakfast with her, as you’ve got got spent almost 30 days with her. Simar thinks you need to pass Aarav ji. Aarav thinks he’s helpless and shall pass. She tells Simar that she shall percent all her luggage and shall now no longer go away some thing here. Gajendra comes there and tells Badi Maa approximately Bhairav informed him approximately the vans caught at take a look at submit and might be launched once they get challan. Badi Maa says I even have defined the entirety to Aarav and he’ll pass there, and get the challan launched. Gajendra says I will pass there, I even have skilled to address them. Badi Maa asks him to apply someplace else, enquire approximately the enemies who shake fingers towards us. Gajendra says good enough I will see. Badi Maa is going out and sees Aarav and Simar searching at every other. She asks if I shall take out the mahurat. He says I am leaving now. He is going out of the room.

Chitra says Badi Maa is aware of that you may assist, however she don’t need to take your assist. Giriraj says don’t recognize till once I gets insulted here. Chitra asks him to alternate the lifestyles equipment and asks him to investigate approximately the navy towards Badi Maa and input there. He says it’s miles very risky. Chitra asks him to bribe the police officer and enquire approximately the enemy. Mohit involves the take a look at submit. Inspector tells that a person is coming with the challans of the truck. Mohit says I need to peer which Oswal might be killed these days, through my fingers. Aarav is leaving. Simar comes at the back of him and says I will serve the dinner in five mins. Aarav asks her to do some thing and destroy the promise.

Giriraj asks Rana ji and Gupta ji in the event that they notion that he’ll assist them towards his own circle of relatives then they’re right. They all laugh. Giriraj asks what’s the plan? Rana ji says Oswal group’s vans are caught withinside the take a look at submit through our sold police officers. He says Gitanjali Devi will ship a few Oswal there to get it freed, and says you shall tell, who’s going and at what time? Giriraj asks what’s going to show up with that. He asks them to inform, and says he has no love with the own circle of relatives. Rana ji says we can make this sort of circumstance of the character, that each one Oswals might be shaken up. Giriraj says good enough. Gupta gives to provide him money. Giriraj says time has come to drown Oswal own circle of relatives’s huge nose.

Simar tells Aarav that she is preventing him from breaking the promise. He says we aren’t separate, and tells that he desires to destroy all of the promise and get free of all of the limitations, desires to burn this global in order that we will stay peacefully. He says I ask questions from my lovely dream and asks her to provide him one sign. He says please supply me one sign that even you experience the identical, which I experience. He asks her to inform and says I can’t stay with out knowing. He kisses on her brow and says please, I will die. She kisses on his brow and cries. Aarav additionally cries. He asks really? Simar says don’t make matters tough for me. He says I need to make the matters tough for you, which you don’t need to depart from here. She asks with what right, you need to prevent me? What might be left among us after tomorrow. She asks him to inform?

Precap: Gajendra tells Simar that he has visible all her efforts for his or her house, and tells that these days he can proudly say that he has daughters. Simar receives emotional and hugs him. Aarav and Sandhya appears on emotional.


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