Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Aarav contemplating Simar and feeling cold. He imagines Thapki protecting him with shawl, after which he covers her with the equal shawl. Simar smiles. She is at her domestic and feels cold. Mahiya tune plays….Aarav units the clock timer off and says once I couldn’t sleep, then this can wake me up. He thinks he has a sense that if he breaks his speedy seeing Simar’s face then he’s going to get a few peace. He thinks it’s far sargi time now, seeing four am. Simar additionally thinks it’s far sargi time. Sandhya is status close to the eating desk. Reema comes there and takes her blessings. Sandhya asks her to have the water from Vivaan’s hand, after searching at him.

She says the ones husbands and better halves are lucky, who get to maintain this speedy. Badi Maa comes there and says you go away no risk to marvel me. Reema and Sandhya contact her feet. Badi Maa blesses them. Reema appears at Vivaan and thinks he’s going to smash my speedy together along with his hand. Badi Maa asks Maharaj ji, wherein is Anaar/pomegranate because it maintains the throat hydrated. Maharaj tells that he forgot approximately it. Badi Maa asks who used to do all puja preparations earlier than. He says due to the fact Simar bahu came, she used to do all of the paintings and used to inform us. Reema says now the obligation is mine.

Shobha, Chitra and Divya are seated on the eating desk to have sargi. Divya is set to consume. Shobha asks her to await Roma, else she can be able to remember the listing again. Divya asks if Roma will allow us to live peacefully. Roma comes there and asks what she become telling? Divya praises her and serves her food, pronouncing she made this kachori. Chitra asks how did you’re making it? Divya says with the aid of using looking youtube video. Chitra says that’s why it’s far bitter. Roma thinks it is ideal Simar wakened me, else I could have overlooked sargi and this drama. Simar involves Indu and Avinash and asks in the event that they have the food. Indu says yes. Simar says I am thirsty, first will drink the water after which will take the plates. Indu says ok.

Sandhya involves Aarav and asks him to have sargi, else he can’t consume earlier than moon appears. She is set to make him consume, while Badi Maa comes there and asks what’s going on here? Sandhya stops. Badi maa says you’re ingesting sargi, have you ever long gone mad. She takes the plate from him and asks if he’s wondering to maintain the karwachauth speedy for that girl. She asks him to say. Simar thinks of Aarav’s phrases and is set to drink water. Avinash tells that Simar is transferring in advance in existence with lot of courage. Indu says I notion she can be able to get emotional. Simar says I actually have now no longer moved on that I don’t maintain speedy for Aarav ji. She says if he remains hungry all day, then how can I consume? She says I don’t recognize approximately our relation, however in case you get peace if I maintain speedy then I can do all of it my existence. She throws the water.

Badi Maa asks Aarav to say. Sandhya says it isn’t like that. She says Aarav used to consume my sargi in formative years or even now. She asks him to consume it. Aarav is set to take the food. Badi Maa stops him and asks him to go away his formative years habits, and asks if he’s going to do that once you have married. He says I become looking happiness in my formative years moments and asks if I am incorrect. Badi Maa says now no longer but and asks if he didn’t sleep? He says I try, however I can’t sleep, as my peace is snatched from me. Badi Maa asks Sandhya to finish her sargi rasam as solar would possibly appear. Sandhya is going together along with her sargi plate.

Vivaan asks Reema if she recalls the divorce papers which he made? She says my reminiscence isn’t weak, I bear in mind your love and people papers. He says I am due to the fact you are attempting to make matters proper and I admire that, however in case you try and do something incorrect with my own circle of relatives then that divorce papers may be made again, and this time, it’s going to visit courtroom docket with our signs. He says I recognize which you have found out your mistake and if this factor is going on,

then I would possibly forgive you one day. Reema says I don’t need your forgiveness, however wishes your love, which I gets one day. She says for now, I must assist Aarav, he desires us at this tough time. She says accept as true with me, I gets him out of this tough times, and says accept as true with me. He says I can’t accept as true with you. Reema maintains her brow on his brow and asks him to accept as true with himself, and says I actually have related my mind together along with your mind, now it’s far ok. Vivaan actions away.

Simar brings tea and coconut biscuits for Avinash. Avinash says did you neglect about that I actually have stored speedy to your mother. Simar says you’ve got got handed withinside the take a look at and praises him. Aarav says similar to Papa has stored the speedy, I will maintain speedy for you constantly and says you’re looking beautiful. It is her imagination. Avinash asks why she refused to sing in Samar’s album. Indu comes there. Avinash hides tea from her. Simar says you’re fasting and can’t drink. He whispers to her that he has hidden from Indu, as it’s far her weakness. Indu says I can combat with the arena for you, what’s tea infront of you? Simar says I can maintain speedy for my Aarav ji for months, after which says for a person near me. Avinash asks her to take coconut biscuits and consume it. Simar is shocked.

Reema involves Badi maa and asks did you name me? Badi maa offers her keys. Reema receives satisfied and says you’re giving me keys so soon. Badi Maa says it isn’t properly to peer desires with open eyes and asks her to open the almari and produce the envelope stored there. Reema brings the envelope and offers to Badi Maa. Badi Maa asks for the keys. Reema says I become approximately to give. Badi Maa says you stored this envelope in my room and asks why there are such a lot of girls’ snap shots on this envelope. Reema says for Aarav’s marriage. Badi Maa thinks she may be very smart and that’s status infront of me.

She thinks she shall take her assist to get Aarav rid of Simar. She asks do you suspect Aarav will like several girl. Reema says yes, and tells that Aarav and Simar every different’s shields, and as soon as one agree for marriage, different gets weaken and marry a person else. She tells that I am your pupil and getting to know from you. She says I recognize a way to manage relations. Badi Maa says I can’t do mistake in locating bride for Aarav. Avinash and Indu asks Simar to consume biscuit. Simar asks Mata Rani to do something. Avinash asks did you maintain Karwachauth speedy.

Precap: Simar dances at the tune bole chudiya tune even as Aarav appears on liking her performance.


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