Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Geetanjali devi’s security guards holds vivaan and maintains him apart. Simar comes running however she is likewise holded by using her group of workers. Aarav and gajender requests badi ma to forestall. Simar somehow manages to release herself, she comes and stands infront of reema shielding her. But geetanjali devi fires the gun, aarav instantaneously pulls the gun above, the bullet hits and breaks the chandelier.

The chandelier falls down infront of simar hurting her hand. Everyone is traumatized. Geetanjali devi holds aarav’s hand and tells him that how dare he touches her gun. She offers lecture to them that oswal’s own family new generation doesn’t admire their values. She stops aarav from giving justification.

Sandhya also stopped aarav from telling anything. Vivaan receives free and runs closer to badi ma, he begged to her to concentrate to him, on which badi ma replies that what left to hear from you. She shouts on him that he ran far from his wedding ceremony and married someone from street, wedding isn’t always a doll’s play. She says that both aarav and vivaan have broken her ideals and agree with.

Sending them abraod to have a look at become her mistake. She tells that she is in no way going to simply accept reema as oswal family bahu.

She asks bhairav to replenish bullets within the gun. All people is in surprise what to do. Chitra asks griraj to do something otherwise badi ma will kill a person. Aarav asks her no longer do. Simar falls on geetanjali devi’s feet to forgive reema. Vivaan picks her up and tells that we did this marriage and we’re prepared to face it’s consequences.

Geetanjali devi tells vivaan that what magic reema has done on him.

She reminds simar that she is on this residence for a month only and stay on your restrict. As we’ve not normal simar then how can we take delivery of reema. Aarav asks badi ma to offer one danger to vivaan.

Geetanjali devi reminds aarav that she have additionally given risk to him and today what simar has completed she bought her sister additionally to the oswal residence. Vivaan tells that it’s first-rate if her ego is past her grandson then hearth bullet on him.

Vivaan tells that we each loved every other so we can die together. Griraj ask gajender to forestall badi ma. Gajender explains her that he’s her very own blood yet she didn’t forestall. All circle of relatives participants request badi ma to forgive vivaan and spare his lifestyles. Geetanjali devi closes her eyes and places down the gun. She tells to vivaan that she will see revolt in him simply because of reema.

He tells that if she isn’t always equipped to just accept her then they may leave from right here. Vivaan and reema begins to leave from there.

Geetanjali devi shouts at vivaan that he became blind in her love. He tells that he is feeling suffocated on this house and is leaving this house and doesn’t need any property or cash. Geetanjali devi tells them that these kids have no longer seen her actual face, she asks her protect to fasten him in his room unless he is going to forget about reema. She also asks aarav to stay away from this be counted. Reema shouts that it’s unlawful.

Geetanjali devi tells reema that how she completed this function. She also ask reema to forget about about vivaan and do her modelling.

Geetanjali devi tells to reema that she is accepting simar for one month just due to the fact whole agra witnessed her wedding ceremony but no one knows approximately vivaan’s wedding so she couldn’t take delivery of her and asks her to go away the residence. However reema tells that both of them are adults and no person should stop them. Geetanjali devi asks her guards to lock reema too. Simar begged badi ma.

Reema is forcefully locked. Simar tells to aarav that it isn’t always proper to fasten reema and blackmail her father, she leaves from there.

Episode ends.


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