Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Aarav and Simar preventing at a temple and ring the bell together. Simar walks interior. Aarav additionally walks interior and prays with hr. Pandit ji throws flower petals on them. Aarav alternatives the flower petal from over her forehead. Mahiya tune performs…..Pandit ji offers them prasad and blesses them. He asks whilst is their marriage and asks Aarav to make her consume early withinside the night, as the following day is karwachauth speedy. He asks Aarav if he’ll hold speedy for her.

Simar is set to mention that they aren’t married, however he stops her and tells that spouse remains hungry for husband’s lengthy lifestyles and that’s why even the husband shall speedy for his spouse together along with his heart. Pandit ji praises Aarav and tells Simar that she were given an know-how man who turns into her husband. Simar is set to mention. Aarav stops her and guarantees to offer her all of the happiness of the arena and guarantees to grab all her pains. Pandit ji praises Aarav and asks Simar to do Parikrama. Simar and Aarav do parikrama of mata rani. Simar asks Aarav if he stated similar to that. He says I will hold the speedy. She says it isn’t that easy. He says he simply told. Simar says you don’t do faux guarantees. He asks her to do parikrama. Simar asks will you honestly speedy karwachauth speedy.

He says yes, he can be hungry all day, so yes. Simar asks him to mention truly. He asks with which right, she is calling him. She asks him now no longer to try this and says we’ve got determined that we are able to circulate on in lifestyles. He says I were attempting as I heard that whoever tries, in no way fails. He kisses on her head. Simar receives teary eyes.

Divya is attempting to make meals withinside the kitchen. Divya comes there and asks if she can be able to get meals nowadays or now no longer. Divya says I tried. Shobha asks what you is aware of to make? Divya says I get sweating, laziness etc. Shobha says I will make. Roma asks whilst will she get the meals? Shobha asks Divya to take the rotis for Roma. Divya takes the meals. Roma tells that the roti is fat, burnt like shobha. Divya is going and tells Shobha. Shobha says she had signed at the papers because of Vivek, with out reading. Roma calls Reema and appreciates her for purchasing her rights again withinside the house. Reema says it’ll be a laugh whilst Lalit maintains speedy for you. Roma receives happy.

Everyone at Oswal Mansion sits to have meals. Chitra tells Badi Maa that everybody is of her preference and asks did you watched nowadays is my birthday? Badi Maa says no, however at the present time you can’t forget. She says I will inform as soon as absolutely each person have the meals. Chitra is set to take the meals. Badi Maa asks her to begin from that field. Chitra says she is so excited and opens the field. She receives bowled over to peer the video at the telecellsmartphone and closes the field. Badi Maa asks how become the flavor of the meals which become cooked through you.

He tells Reema that everybody shall recognise what khichdi is making. She symptoms and symptoms Reema. Reema takes the cell from the field and performs the video. Everyone sees Chitra speakme to Rana ji, and assuring that Vivaan will now no longer sign, and Mohit will pop out of lock up. She asks him to make sure, her call doesn’t pop out that she become the only who deliberate assault on Aarav with him. Everyone is bowled over to peer the video. Chitra says this isn’t me, this video is morphed. Badi Maa asks her to be quiet and says I don’t need to listen a phrase from you.

Aarav and Simar are strolling on the street again. Song performs…………She says Aarav ji, now I will cross. He holds her hand and says no. He says I won’t will let you cross with out answering me and asks will you hold speedy for me. Simar says go away my hand, anybody will see. He asks again. Simar asks him to depart her hand. He leaves her hand and asks if she can be able to hold speedy for him. He says I am asking some thing from you, will you hold karwachauth speedy for me. He actions his finger on her ear and takes to the air her earring. He says I will smash my speedy seeing the moon, after which will make you put on it with my hand. He asks her to look ahead to him and says I will come surely. Simar turns to him. Ishq yeh performs…..They study every other.

Precap: Simar comes domestic and sees someone (Samar) conserving the bouquet. She says you’re here.


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