Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Aarav, Vivaan and Badi Maa seated for the puja. Pandit ji does tilak of Vivaan and Aarav. Badi Maa asks Aarav to fill crimson dust withinside the pot and asks Vivaan to fill black dust withinside the kalash. She asks them to sow the seed withinside the dust. They pour the seed withinside the crimson dust. Badi Maa prays to Mata Rani for his or her happiness. Simar tells Sandhya that she is critical for anybody. Sandhya says she is simply habitual and anybody will overlook her in few days. Simar says on every occasion I consider leaving this house,

I couldn’t undergo and asks how she will undergo whilst her soul is attached with the house. Sandhya says girls haven’t any proper on something and tells that first girl receives her father’s surname and later her husband’s name. She says she will stay with out the Oswal surname, however can’t express regret. Aarav attempts to speak to Badi Maa. Badi Maa is going. Gajendra asks why are you bothering Maa. Aarav says as you aren’t announcing something.He says some thing Maa has executed isn’t always incorrect. Gajendra says some thing Badi Maa does for her own circle of relatives is for the betterment of the house, and tells that Sandhya’s flow may also get them go through losses financially and that they must compensate. He says he simply desires to listen apology from Sandhya for his mom. Aarav says my mom isn’t always incorrect and is suffering. Gajendra doesn’t listens him and is going.

Simar asks Sandhya approximately the album. Aditi comes and asks Sandhya to do her packing. Sandhya is going. Simar sees Reema approximately to boost the agarbattis, she stops her. Reema scoffs her and asks her to place oil withinside the lamps. She thinks to make her terrible infront of anybody and pours oil at the door in order that Badi Maa, Aarav, Vivaan and others collapse protecting the matka. She is going listening to them coming. Simar steps at the oil and is set to fall. Reema comes there and is set to fall. Simar sees them coming. Reema asks will you prevent them or get scolded, or allow them to fall and shop yourself. She says you act to be great, now I must see what you may do. Simar says if I don’t prevent them, then they could slip and the matkas may be broken. She turns to Mata Rani, wondering what to do. She locations the mat at the door to cowl up the oil and throws flower petals on it, simply as they’re approximately to go into the house. Aarav, Vivaan, Badi Maa and others input the house. Reema receives disillusioned seeing Simar’s intelligence. Simar says we will welcome Mata Rani with flowers.

Badi Maa asks Aarav to maintain the kalash and sees Sandhya and Aditi equipped with their bags. Pandit ji tells that the matkas were placed. He asks Badi Maa to name elder son and bahu. Badi Maa says Sandhya will now no longer take a seat down, however son’s son can take a seat down. She asks Vivaan and Reema to return back and take a seat down for havan. Vivaan and Reema come to Badi Maa and take a seat down.Vivaan requests Badi Maa to permit Aarav and Simar take a seat down for havan as he has executed mannat for own circle of relatives’s happiness. Badi Maa has the same opinion and asks Aarav and Simar to take a seat down for havan. Vivaan and Reema receives up. Reema appears at Simar angrily. Vivaan tells Reema that after he don’t regard her as his wife, he’s going to now no longer take a seat down together along with her for the havan. Reema says Vivaan. Chitra says Vivaan could be very silly to lose the danger.

Gajendra asks Sandhya to express regret to Badi Maa and now no longer to go away house. Sandhya says the problem is set my self esteem, I won’t permit my daughter emerge as some other Sandhya. Aarav and Simar whole the havan. Pandit ji asks them to pour water at the matka. Vivaan tells Aditi that they may now no longer depart the house. Aditi says it’s miles Maa’s decision. Reema comes there and tells Vivaan that that they’d were given an awesome danger to take a seat down withinside the havan. Vivaan says for you possibilities matters, however for me, members of the family matters. He asks her to go away from his house. Reema refuses.

Indu prays to Mata Rani for prosper her kids and don’t allow them to do something incorrect. Shobha offers Aarti plate to Divya and Vivek and asks them to do. They do the aarti. Roma prays to Mata Rani to ship Lalit back.

Sandhya and Aditi are to go away. Badi Maa comes there and places eye drops in her eyes. She takes a paper from Bhairav. Sandhya tells Badi Maa that she is aware of that she is disillusioned together along with her, however it isn’t always Aditi’s mistake. Badi Maa says you desired to be maths trainer and desires to train the students. She asks her to calculate the amount. Sandhya says 12 crores. Badi Maa says 12 crores on your slap, our sooner or later loss, and asks who will atone for Rs 12 crores.

Precap: Badi Maa tells Sandhya, you already know the door to go out and depart this house. Simar says, Maa won’t cross anywhere. She indicates antique reminiscences on a projector announcing how Badi Maa stated Sandhya did a lot for his or her own circle of relatives. Badi Maa receives indignant and says Simar’s 1 month time is over today. She has 24 hours to go away the house. Aarav intervenes. Badi Maa tells him to take that as a charge to maintain Sandhya in home.


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