Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar thinking about Aarav’s words. Ranjhana song plays…..She swirls and hugs Aarav. He asks if she is Simar and says so much happened, but you are not crying etc, and swirling here. Simar says you had said that I shall not cry, and says when you are with me, then I shall make enemy cry. Aarav tells her about their secret room, which was his childhood room. He says we can’t meet openly and shall talk in code language. He says I can’t risk your safety and shall know where you are going and whom you are meeting. Simar says you had said that she is blackmailing me and asks him to tell everything. He says I will tell you everything when the right times comes, and says I can’t tell you now. He says if Dhami comes to know then don’t know what she will do. Simar says I trust you more than myself, but. They hide seeing Dhami. Simar looks at Aarav as they sit down to hide. Mahiya song plays….Simar says until we are together, we can face any problems.

They hear Badi Maa shouting. Simar says she is playing games with family. Badi Maa asks Dhami what does she think that she is clever and they are all blind. She says what do you think that you will show us video and we will doubt on our Simar. Dhami says this video. Aarav and Simar come there. Badi maa says I have seen Simar walking on the burning coal for our family and you are blaming her. She says nobody can doubt on Simar’s character. Sandhya says you said right, my Simar’s character is like that flame of the lamp infront of mata Rani. Reema asks did you hear Dhami? Simar says truth shall be out and there is no shame to reveal it to anyone. She shows the video in which Dhami talking to Samar and making the plan to ruin Simar’s character and break the relation. Simar asks Dhami which video seems right? She says you stooped low and tried to make my family against me. She says if I would have been quiet then it would be injustice with me and my family. Sandhya says my Simar’s heart is clean and has good thoughts. Badi Maa says we might have different opinions and thoughts, but when Simar’s matter comes then we will stand with her as her courage. Aarav smiles seeing Badi maa holding her hand. She says lie, conspiracy and everything is failed infront of this power. She tells Dhami that her reverse countdown starts now, and says her eyes are on her, and she can’t be saved.

Dhami shouts in her room and throws the things. She shouts Aaru. Aarav comes there and asks what did you do, you started another drama. He asks her to give the scissor and asks do you think that you will win me, by doing this. He says if my Simar gets even a scratch. Dhami asks him to leave it. Reema hears the noise and comes there. She finds Dhami’s phone and thinks to switch it on. Aarav says you say that you love me. Dhami says yes. He asks if you call this as love, I die every moment. Dhami says something happens to me, when I see Simar, I can’t share you. Aarav asks if anyone got anything with bad thoughts and says relations need to be kept intact. nobody doubted on Simar even for a moment, this is the power of her love.

Reema shows Dhami’s phone to Simar. Simar says all the Apps are password protected. Reema thinks what is her birth date? Simar says Aaru. Reema checks, but it is not password. Simar says we shall transfer the data, then shall unlock the phone. Badi Maa comes there and asks them not to hide anything, says I am sure that whatever you both are doing are for our family betterment. She gives approval to their plans. Reema says this is Dhami’s phone. Badi Maa asks Simar to do anything to take out Aarav from Dhami’s clutches, and says I want my grand son back. Simar promises her. Badi maa tells that Dhami can be treated with twisted mind and asks Reema to think two steps ahead of Dhami, but carefully. She says Jai Maa Durga. Reema says Data is transferred. Simar says I will go to give the phone to unlock at the shop.

Dhami says sorry to Aarav and says I will change, will be calm and will keep the relations intact, and asks for a chance. Aarav goes. Dhami looks for her phone and comes out of room. Simar comes and asks if she is searching this? Dhami is about to take her phone, but Simar drops it. Dhami bends down to take it. Simar asks why do you do such a thing and falls in everyone sight.

The episode ends.


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