Sasural Simar Ka 2

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Lalit popping out of the lock up. Aarav asks Lalit to move and says he’ll carry them. Vivek asks Shobha to signal and says we will depart from here. Lalit thank you Aarav. Aarav asks them to take his automobile and says I will ask motive force to select out up. Lalit asks are you sure? Aarav says Phupha ji is inside, and doing closing minute formalities. I ought to set up automobile for him also. Shobha asks Lalit to return back.

Reema says spouse seems excellent with husband on the front seat and says while Rajendra uncle became at the motive force’s seat, will you allow every person take a seat down beside him. She asks Roma to take a seat down with Lalit. Vivek says we are able to take a seat down at the backseat. Roma hugs Reema and thank you her. Reema asks them to grin and pose for selfie with Roma. She says even Roma di needs this, and clicks the pic. She then tells Shobha that anyplace Roma di is, her sisters will usually be with her. Roma asks Lalit, lets move home. Vivek says yes, come rapid. Aarav and Simar are status. Reema turns to Simar and is going from there. Aarav says I desire the entirety is excellent in Bua ji’s residence.

Simar says all of the wheels shall circulate ahead at one, and the residence can’t be run with one person. She says everybody shall make contributions for the residence. He says everybody don’t have flawlessly balanced relation like us. Simar says no relation is perfect. He says we made it perfect. Simar says we couldn’t and that’s why we’re status here, and could visit our respective homes. She says our vacation spot isn’t one now. She thank you him for something he has carried out for Di and folds her fingers. She is going. Aarav feels harm and says he’ll endure all of the torture with smile.

Reema thinks my subsequent trick will shaken up Oswal Mansion. She knocks on Badi Maa’s door. Badi Maa asks her to return back inside. Reema says simply as I actually have promised, Bua ji and her own circle of relatives went to their residence luckily. She suggests their selfie. Badi Maa says you solved Roma’s own circle of relatives problem, now no longer due to the fact you like her, however due to the fact you desired my attention. She says you’ll get simply 2 minutes to inform what you need to.

Reema exams the time and tells Badi Maa that conspiracy goes on in her residence, at the back of her back. Badi Maa smiles. Reema says I will inform with the proofs and places the pendrive. She offers far off to Badi Maa. Badi Maa switches at the TV. The video is loading. Badi Maa asks her to take a seat down. Reema says first I will win your consider after which simplest I will take a seat down. Just then the video plays. Badi Maa watches Chitra speakme to Rana ji on name, and telling him that her call shall now no longer come and no person shall recognize that she had deliberate assault on Aarav. Reema smiles and recollects recording her confession, while Chitra speaks to Rana. A facebook is shown, Reema says you’re foolish. I will see Aarav later, and can’t depart you for something you’ve got got carried out with Vivaan.

Fb ends. Badi Maa receives up taken aback and asks what’s all this? Reema alternatives the fallen matters and says I actually have endure a lot humiliation to grow to be this residence bahu, to get recognition here. She recollects Aarav slapping her and receives angry. She then tells Badi Maa that her loyalty doesn’t change. She says injustice has came about with my husband and if I live quiet then it’ll be betrayal to this own circle of relatives. She suggests Chitra’s name statistics and says she became continuously in contact with Rana and asks if every person can lie huge than this. She says I added those proves to you, as you’re head of the residence and has the proper to do justice. She says I have confidence that you’ll do justice like usually and says you’ll consider me that my loyalty is connected with you and with this residence.

She says I am now no longer like that Simar, who raised questions about your decisions. She says I need to grow to be such as you and eyes Badi Maa’s keys. Badi Maa seems on the keys as well. Reema says I need to soak up the obligation such as you. She then takes her cell and is strolling out. She seems on the watch and says you had given me 2 minutes, and I finished my phrases in fifty six seconds. She says I don’t recognize to offer lecture, and is aware of simply tit for tat. Badi Maa seems on.

Simar is strolling on the street and recalling Aarav’s phrases. She then thinks of Badi maa’s phrases. She hears a person strolling and hides. She thinks Aarav ji left. Aarav comes there. Simar seems at him and says what’s this selfishness? You desired me to move after which pronouncing I actually have left. Simar says I recognize, it became proper. She says if I shall now no longer specific my emotions while alone. Aarav says it appears there’s a battle among your coronary heart and mind, shall we see who wins. Mahiya plays……Simar begins offevolved strolling and collides with Aarav. She realizes he became her creativeness before.

Aarav asks in case you became speakme to self or preventing for me. Simar says there’s no relation left among us. He says we’ve sincere and natural relation that you can’t refuse. He holds her hand. A automobile comes there, the motive force asks them to visit facet and talk. Aarav asks him to move and says sorry to Simar. Simar says I ought to move home.

Aarav says it appears you’ve got got forgotten our unnamed relation and our promises. Simar says I didn’t forget. He says it’s miles higher to stroll with a person instead of strolling alone. Simar says there’s no vacation spot. He says I need to make the adventure lovely and say shall we move. Auto motive force stops the auto. Simar and Aarav refuse to take the auto. They stroll toward Simar’s residence.

Vivaan is making an attempt to stroll in his room. Reema comes there and appears at him, as he walks. She is going from there and brings knife. Vivaan is taken aback to look knife in her hand. Reema asks him to take it and kill her at once. She says kill me once, and says you used to mention that I am poisonous and poison, and asks him to stay luckily ever after she leaves. She asks him to kill her and says in case you can’t do, then supply it to me, I will kill myself. Vivaan walks toward her and throws the knife. He says you don’t want to do drama, I can’t be at peace via way of means of hurting a person. I am now no longer such as you. He says I don’t need every person’s support. Badi Maa comes there and says allow her assist you, she is your spouse and he or she has proper on you. Vivaan is surprised. Reema asks him to take a seat down. Badi maa says it’s miles your obligation to make certain that he receives excellent soon. She says you need to be excellent, I ought to supply solution to many, this battle isn’t easy, Aarav is shattering slowly. Vivaan says what are you pronouncing? Badi Maa says allow the time come. She says for now, allow Reema contend with you. She asks him to face with her. Vivaan says I am usually with you. Badi Maa asks Reema to fulfill her, and says time has come to smooth the termites. She is going. Vivaan asks Reema, what magic she has carried out on Badi Maa that she is trusting her. He says do something you need. Reema says I am doing what Badi Maa needs, and now she can be able to do, what I need.

Aarav and Simar are nevertheless strolling on the street. Song plays…kabhi meri nazar. Simar steps at the stone and is set to fall. Aarav holds her fingers and reminisces their moments. Simar seems at him and recollects their marriage day. He takes her slipper and fixes it. He then makes him put on it.

Precap: Pandit ji asks Simar if she can be able to hold rapid for her husband. Simar says Pandit ji, he is…Aarav says I will hold rapid for you and asks Simar, if she can be able to hold rapid for him. Simar seems on.


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