Sasural Genda Phool 2

Sasural Genda Phool 2 8th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

A young ishan kashyap enters a salon for haircut thinking he can be returning domestic after years for his sister’s engagement. A man shows him his daughter’s photograph and says she is a super healthy for him. He asks if daadi/grandma despatched him and says his circle of relatives doesn’t remember the fact that he doesn’t want to marry.

Guy apologizes him. Ishan thinks why his family doesn’t remember that he can’t neglect suhana. At his domestic, ishan’s grandmother gayatri is busy online shopping when she receives ishan’s name and thinks why he is looking her. Ishan’s badimaa/aunt shailaja says she sent a lady’s father to a salon behind him with concept. Gayatri says she can not rest till ishan agrees for marriage. Badimaa asks if ishan can overlook suhana and move on, seems like they are forcing him. Dadi says anything it’s miles, she just wants him to marry.

Badimaa says ishan will get a promoting and shift to singapore quickly. Daadi says she is concerned for the equal reason as there received’t be every person there to attend to him. Ishika says kashap circle of relatives is weird, that they had problem when ladies used to reject ishan bhai and still have trouble when he’s getting many notion, what virtually they need. Dadi says they want ishan to marry soon.

Dadaji ambarnath kashyap walks in giggling analyzing a jovial news on newspaper and says suhana will even snicker if she reads this information. Gayatri says suhana has gone out for buying. Ishika takes dadaji in. Dadi says since he were given dementia, he is searching suhana. Badimaa says they may discover a woman quickly and get ishan married, then dadaji’s dementia can be beneath control. Complete family is introduced. Their nok jhok and jokes begin. They speak approximately cricket suit at the same time as having fritters. Ishant returns domestic and asks who sent a girl’s father to salon with marriage concept. Ishwar jokes on him. Alok joins and jokes further.

Ishan maintains fuming. Own family then pampers him and says like every sunday, they will have dinner together and will prepare ishan’s favorite rajma chawal. Ishan says he is going out this night. They all sense unhappy. Ishan visits a eating place for dinner and orders a dessert tiramisu for suhana imaging her. She says she will not have it because it has extra energy. He insists. She eats some and enjoys it. He is taking it returned. She snatches it back and asks if he had his haircut at an unis*x salon. He asks how does she know. She asks why did he reject an offer, female’s father appeared definitely unhappy. He says he can not damage promise made to her and can’t remarry.

She says she frees him from her promise and he’s free to remarry. He says he can’t as her love is enough to stay his lifestyles. She says he desires a existence associate who can chat with him and luxury him. He says his heart loves best her and he doesn’t have an area for all of us else in his lifestyles or heart, even circle of relatives continually pesters him to marry and he’s worn-out now. She says shall we finish tiramisu. He says he’ll depart now as badimaa is watching for him. He says he has to move on for her sake. He sits sadly knowing its his imagination.

Ishan returns home and gets busy on laptop. Badimaa scolds him to rest now and asks what happened to his singapore activity, he need to take her along there to take care of him. He asks her to be particular. She says its 7 years considering the fact that suhana is gone, so now he must flow on as every person needs a existence associate. He says he is trying his satisfactory and even meeting girls, but its very hard for him. She pampers him. He says it’d be incorrect if he says yes to any girl. She says he has to attempt to deliver a hazard to a female, perhaps he’s going to like one. He says its hard, looking at suhana’s p. C.

She says its hard to steer a lifestyles by myself giving her example and says she has a whole circle of relatives, even then she feels alone. He asks her not to talk approximately it once more. She leaves. Next morning, circle of relatives’s nok jhok begins. Ilesh reads information paper and asks what’s going to they get with 1 rs. Dadaji offers a protracted listing and asks approximately his favourite halwai. Alok says he is not any extra, then says he were given transferred. Ishika pesters with ishan. They all discuss wedding shopping. Ishan feels angry and asks whose marriage. Rano says his marriage as nikita’s father agreed and subsequently its his marriage.

They all giggle on him even as he thinks how can nikita take delivery of him, he wishes to persuade nikita to reject this concept. He meets nikita and attempts to persuade her giving her many excuses. She eventually denies to marry him. He happily calls alok and informs equal. Rano feels sad and cries. Alok comforts her and says they will find a quality woman for ishan. She asks when. Ishan receives caught in site visitors and walks in the direction of workplace. He notices a female sporting stay crackers in her hand, throwing them on mob and stealing money. He follows her and catches her hand.

Precap: ishan follows woman and asks people if they noticed a girl who was looking like a goon. Woman walks to him and gives his kerchief.


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