Sasural Genda Phool 2

Sasural Genda Phool 2 24th February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan while driving his vehicle home recollects Deva bhai undermining Titli and thinks he wants to shield Titli from Deva bhai as she helped him a great deal. Rano gets a bad dream of Ishan bringing Titli home subsequent to wedding her and Titli insulting that she needs to acknowledge her as she previously gave her 5400 rs shagun. She awakens apprehensive and demands Ishan to at absolutely no point meet Titli in the future. Ilesh gets back and gives milk bill. Rano asks where did he get it. He says he took care of milk bill from the cash she had held under the pot. Disha illuminates that Rano thought Titli took that cash. Ishika insults Rano that everybody ought to illuminate maa at whatever point they take cash or probably she will wrongly claim somebody. Ishan feels regretful for asserting Titli and considers visiting and saying ‘sorry’. her.

Deva’s hooligans undermine Imlie to go with them to Deva. Titli denies. They attempt to actually manhandle her. Ishan enters and whips them for making trouble with a young lady. They nail him down. Titli at knifepoint compromises thugs to leave and lets Ishan know that they are her accomplices in burglary and came to discuss business. Ishan asks thusly and battles with thugs once more. Titli sends thugs away and inquires as to for what reason is he irritated. He says he is concerned for herself and inquires as to for what reason did she take Deva’s advance. She uncovers for Baba’s treatment as Deva assisted her when no one was ready to with aiding, however she has reimbursed his advance. He inquires as to for what reason is Deva undermining her once more. She says she won’t acknowledge rout and will battle herself. Ishan inquires as to for what reason don’t her baba help her. She says she would rather not take his assistance. He is sorry her for questioning her and says Ilesh had taken cash to take care of milkman’s bill and family thought she took it. She inquires as to why he is leaving the load up to help her companion and gambling with his life. He says he can call her distraught, however he can’t quit supporting her for the huge assistance she did to him. She requests that he wed Avni and continue on throughout everyday life.

Ishan visits police headquarters and records a grumbling against Deva. Reviewer says they are familiar Deva’s fear, yet can’t capture him without proof. He says he can get proof and figures one individual can help. He gets back and calls that individual when Avni enters and says her mom has come. He asks her make her sit. She says she prefers him a great deal and proposes him. He gets a get back to and says he wants to go. She strolls down. Kashyap family and Avni’s mom fix Ishan and Avni’s union. Ishan surges towards entryway. Family requests that he meet Avni’s mom. He welcomes her and leaves in a rush. Kashyap family preforms Avni’s shagun and examine to perform wedding before Avni’s sibling leaves back for USA.

Ishan meets Jagdish and gifts him a liquor bottle. Jagdish inquires as to whether he need his girl’s hand. Ishan says something different and requests that he get Deva’s point by point data. Jagdish denies. Ishan says he ought to get it done for his girl, gives his youth model where Alok attempting to save him from a mishap gets harmed, and says fathers can forfeit their lives for their kids and just by giving them birth to kids don’t turn into a dad, and so on

Precap: Titli moves during Ishan and Avni’s commitment.
Deva is captured. His helper illuminates him that Jagdish double-crossed him.


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