Sasural Genda Phool 2

Sasural Genda Phool 2 23rd February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishan visits a café with Avni. Server returns him Titli’s tracked down hoop. Avni inquires as to whether he had come to commend valentine’s day with Titli yesterday. He says he had brought Titli yesterday for supper, however didn’t realize it was valentine’s day; says he didn’t dismiss her yet was fleeing from marriage. She asks what presently. He says he is attempting to adapt up. Server serves her plate of mixed greens. He inquires as to whether she will have just plate of mixed greens. She says she can’t have entire and offers to share it. He recollects Titli’s colossal hunger and grins. She asks reason. He depicts entire episode. She says she had some awareness of his and Titli’s phony show and depicts Titli illuminating her regarding it. He says Titli shocks him generally. She says she needs him to pick her by wish and not strongly. He says thanks to her for getting him.

Rano observes milkman’s cash missing. Disha says cash was under the pot till Titli had arrived. Rano says Titli took the cash without a doubt. Badimaa asks her not to affirm Titli with practically no evidence. Ishan gets back. Rano grumbles that Titli took milkman’s 5400 rs. Ishan says she can’t take cash. Rano says she is certain Titli took cash. Ishan thinks Titli talked about truth with Avni on one side and took cash on the opposite side, he wants to meet and defy her.

Titli gets back and finds Deva bhai inside who arranges her to turn out again for her. She says she needs work alone at this point. Deva becomes furious and inquires as to whether she needs to work in his space without paying his portion, no one challenges to relinquish his position and assuming she thinks about that, she will be either in prison or under ground. Ishan strolls in and hears their discussion. Nimbu and Mirchi stop him and say he shouldn’t go in as its perilous. Deva leaves. Ishan strolls in and asks who was that man. Titli cautions him to stay out of other people’s affairs and inquires as to for what reason did he return. He says Avni met him and informed that she uncovered her entire story. Titli says she felt it important as Avni was shattered reasoning he cherishes her, so she cleared her misconception. He says when she cleared credit, for what reason did that man visit her. She says its not his issue to worry about. He says he can help her as a companion. She asks what. He says he can take advance from her.

She says she would prefer to ask than acquiring cash from him and inquires as to for what reason did he truly come here. He says maa kept cash which is missing, he isn’t saying that she took them, yet seeing the hooligan undermining her, he can loan her some cash. She recalls Rano’s charges and inquires as to for what reason don’t he straightforwardly claim that she took that cash, she won’t give any clarification anything he thinks. He says she is getting him wrong. She requests that she leave, and he leaves.

Rano plans snacks for Avni. Avni strolls in. Rano begins chatting with her and proposes to wed Ishan. Avni feels abnormal and attempts to clarify Ishan’s developing affection for Titli. Titli’s companion sees Ishan and inquires as to for what reason did he come here after Titli completed his job. Ishan inquires as to whether Titli had acquired cash from that thug. Companion says Deva is risky, and Titli is trapped in a bog and can never receive in return. Ishan says Titli can accomplish something different. Companion inquires as to whether Titli didn’t illuminate him anything. Ishan says no. Companion says Titli doesn’t impart her concerns to anybody and says without Deva’s authorization, Titli can’t find employment elsewhere. Ishan recalls Deva’s danger.

Precap: Rano takes guarantee from Ishan to at absolutely no point meet Titli in the future. Deva’s hooligans power Titli to meet Deva. Titli denies. Ishan ranges to her salvage.


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