Sasural Genda Phool 2

Sasural Genda Phool 2 22nd February 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadaji orders that main Titli can turn into Ishan’s significant other and asks family illuminate Ishan that they concurred for Ishan and Titli’s partnership. Family says they will perform wedding straightforwardly. Dadaji prevents tailor from taking Ilesh’s suit estimation and sends him away. Rano advises Alok that she wants to pay 5400 rs to milkman. He inquires as to whether they can pay half now and half one month from now. He inquires as to whether milkman says same.

Ishan drops Titli home and inquires as to whether his family offered something to her yesterday. She recalls Rano embarrassing her and says they didn’t. Ishan gifts her jar helping he it broke on the grounds that to remember him yesterday and offers to take her out for supper. She says there is no requirement for that. Ishan says its a method of conciliatory sentiment from him. She concurs, and he takes him to a café and seeing embellishment says he neglected today a valentine’s day. She says its increased than holi diwali now a days. He says he needed to express gratitude toward her. Badimaa calls him. He says he is with Titli. She requests that he give telephone to Titli and tells her that family doesn’t have any resentment on her and welcomes her home to know one another appropriately. Titli concurs. Ishan says Badimaa needs to fail to remember everything and starts anew. She says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to talk, so he ought to go with her. He says he has significant work, so he can’t.

She sees karaoke, says she cherishes it, and requests that he join her. He says he can’t. she sings Off Ho Usse Daant Ke Bhagaoon.. melody and calls Ishan for a two part harmony. Everybody applaud him. Ishan joins her and chimes in. Everybody applaud them. Administrator says the two of them are casted a ballot as valentine’s day festivity’s best couple. Ishan says they are simply companion. Chief says visitors have chosen them, gives them gifts, and requests that they dance. Ishan denies. Titli enthusiastically keeps gifts to the side and hearing Zehnaseeb melody asks how might they dance on it. Ishan requests that she hold his hand and moves investigating her eyes. Titli says thanks to him for bringing her here as she could not have possibly realized that they can move even on this melody. He says there is no requirement for thanks and says he enjoys her bindaas nature and requests to call him at whatever point he wants his assistance. She leaves.

Rano asks Badimaa for what reason she called Titli home once more. Badimaa says its Ishan’s misstep and Titli was simply supporting him. Titli strolls in. Badiaa makes her sit. Ishika says now they know reality, they can talk regularly. Inder asks how could she meet Ishan. She took Ishan’s wallet and falsehoods that she once saw a cheat taking Ishan’s wallet and him running behind the criminal and assisted him with getting the hoodlum. Rano inquires as to whether she is lying even presently. Rani to ease up the climate says she will bring espresso and brings espresso and tidbits. Rano says she didn’t add cream in it intentionally. Titli says its challenging to welcome individuals they disdain, yet they are sympathetic. Ilesh says they disdain Ishan’s phony sweetheart and not her. Badimaa requests that she taste the tidbit. Titli says its extremely scrumptious. Ishika inquires as to whether she remains alone, does she set up her own food. Titli says she plans genuinely awful. Rani says Ishan needed to stay away from marriage, what did she get by aiding him. She says cash.

Precap: Rano asserts that Titli took milkman’s cash. Ishan faces Titli..


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