Sasana Sabha: Minister Roja Unveils ‘Sasana Sabha’ Trailer: Indrasena and Aishwaryaraj in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages ​​Pan India movie ‘Sasana Sabha’. Senior actor Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Sonia Aggarwal and Prithviraj are playing the lead roles in this movie. Directed by Venu Madikanti, this film is produced by Tulseeram Sappani and Shanmugam Sappani under the banner of Sabro Productions. The film is going to release in theaters on December 16. On this occasion, Chitraunit organized a grand event to release the trailer of this film. AP Minister Roja unveiled the Telugu trailer at the ceremony. The Kannada trailer was released by Tungathurthi MLA Gadari Kishore Kumar, the Malayalam trailer was released by director and actor Chinnikrishna, and the Tamil trailer was released by ‘Nandi’ Satish. The title song of this movie was released by Vizag MLC Vamsikrishna Yadav.

Minister Roja spoke after releasing the Telugu trailer. When I heard the title Sasana Sabha, I found it very interesting. When there are political scenes in movies, they show the legislature. But I found it very interesting to title this movie ‘Sasana Sabha’. I also came to politics from the cinema. I am very happy to be invited to such a political film event now that I am a minister. I came to this ceremony for two reasons. One is Ravi Basrur, music director of KGIF. His music for Kejief’s movie makes me want to watch it again and again. Music is like the hero of the movie. Another is our Shanmugam. I have known him for almost 13 years. He is like a brother to me. He said that he will release the trailer only when you come. I surrendered to such affection and love. Scenes like a movie are being seen in the legislative assembly. That is the reason why the trailer has the same impact in any language. It has good artists. Rajendra Prasad is a lucky hero for all of us. All those who did the first film with him also became known as good heroines. Everyone knows how good an actor he is. Such an actor in the main lead.. is going to shed tears. Seeing that the hero is Indrase, I thought that the hero of KGF has come suddenly. He acted very well in it. Also, heroine Aishwarya Raj also looks good in this. The trailer suggests that Sonia Aggarwal will play a pivotal role in the film. Minister Roja revealed that Hebba Patel appeared in a pub song.

Minister Roja made key comments about the vote. I liked two dialogues in this trailer. People should also think about this. Because the days of voting based on caste must be gone. If you vote for a good person and make him win, it will certainly be good for them, rather than feeling sorry for what he did not do. So caste, religion, and region aside. Who stands in your area? Who is the best among them? I want everyone to vote with the idea that whoever we vote for will do good. Second. ‘Voters are kings only on the day of voting. After that, we are kings for 5 years. Gone are those days.. from the day of voting.. to the day of re-voting, going to MLAs and MPs.. to find out what has been given to you. apart from finding out whether you are getting all the things given by the government or not. if you are visiting every day for the development of the area.. it means that the conditions are not like before. should be done There has definitely been a change.. the political leaders should also change accordingly. In terms of cinema, it is very difficult to find a good producer these days. Went to act in such a movie and liked the content.. Congratulations to Sappani Brothers who produced the movie itself. This movie coming on December 16 should be a super duper hit. Wishing to make good films with all my heart… I wish the whole unit my best wishes’ he said.

Director and actor Anish Kuruvilla said that the trailer of the movie Sansa Sabha is amazing. He said that he did not expect it to be like this.. The trailer is mind-blowing. He said that his role in this movie is very important in his career. How does a politician think that he enjoyed doing this role? How does he maintain relationships? He said that everything is in his role. China expressed that this movie is an entertaining political thriller.. All the audience will enjoy this movie. Everyone should mark the date as December 16th. Film director Venu Madikanti said.. ‘Thank you to Roja and other celebrities who came to this ceremony and launched the trailer. We have made the film without any compromise. Special thanks to Suresh Vermagaru, and Chinnikrishnagari who made me make this film. They suggested for the story of Raghavendra Reddy. Achu Rajamani worked for my first film. I did not expect to work with a sensational music director for the second film. Indrasena will be seen as an action hero. This movie will bring him a very good name. He will be a good action hero. The film started as a small film and the producers took it to pan India range. After the release of this movie, everyone will be talking about what will happen in the ‘Sasana Sabha’. Rajendra Prasad’s character will be the highlight of the movie. He did it as Narayana Swamy. After the movie ‘Aa Varara’, he played a role that brought him such a name again. This is a good movie.. I want all the audience to bless it” he said.


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