Sardar Movie Review: Sardar (Tamil Dubbed): As a Diwali gift, Karthi starrer ‘Sardar’ came to the Telugu and Tamil audience three days before. P. of ‘Abhimanyudu’ fame. S. Directed by Mithran, Annapurna Studios brought this movie to Telugu people on Friday. Let’s know what Karthi’s double role as father and son is like in ‘Sardar’.

Vijay Prakash (Karthi) is a police inspector in Vizag. Even more than his professional achievements, the publicity he gets on social media brings him more joy. His girlfriend, lawyer Shalini (Rashi Khanna) shuns him because of this campaign madness. Vijay thinks that somehow he has to convince her and marry her. Meanwhile, while Shalini and her friend Sameera (Laila) are on a dharna near the OU campus for a social cause, one of the important files in the secret chamber of the campus goes missing. Knowing that it was Sameera who stole it, Vijay tries to trace her. On the same night, her dead body was found by R.K. Seen on the beach. Who owns the file that Sameera stole? Who did she try to pass it on to? Who felt the need to kill her? How did Vijay Prakash, who is constantly worried that his father Sardar (Karthi) is a traitor, know about his past? That is the rest of the story.

Rating : 2.75 / 5

  • MAIN CAST: kathi, rashii khanna, rajisha vijayan, laila
  • DIRECTOR: PS Mitran
  • MUSIC: GV Prakash Kumar
  • PRODUCER: S Lakshman Kumar

Soldiers who fight on the borders of the country have an identity. If they, unfortunately, lose their lives, government honors are available to their families. But there is no recognition for the spies who risk their lives both in the country and in the non-country. In some cases, even the government does not own them. Yet spies continue to work for the country and sacrifice their lives willingly. And some are languishing in prisons of foreign countries for years. One such spy story is P.S. Mitran chose this time. That is ‘Sardar’. What did a man who used to do plays in the village become a spy and do for the country? Why was he imprisoned in a jail in Bangladesh for three decades? How did he react when he found out that he had been cheated? This is the story.

P. S. Mithran wanted to tell the people not only about entertainment through this film but also about social issues. Mithran strongly believes that just like education and medicine should not be privatized, drinking water should also not go into the hands of private companies. He tried to say that water is more valuable than land and some people are turning it into business by conspiracy. Millions of people blindly believe in the purity of what people buy in the name of mineral water and drink it. Mithran also mentioned the resulting illnesses. The main theme of this film is how Sardar advises an evil person who wants to start a water mafia across the country in the name of ‘One India, One Pipe Line’. At the same time, it would have been better if the director had told about the precautions that people should take in the case of polluted water.

Coming to the actors.. Karthi as the police officer Vijay Prakash and his father Sardar (Bose) gave a good performance. Especially his screen presence as a sixty-year-old Sardar is good. The story is woven around the character, the scenes where he escapes from the prison and the climactic fight will also impress the masses. Raashikhanna plays the role of a lawyer. Malayalam actress Rajisha Vijayan, who made her Tollywood entry with ‘Rama Rao On Duty’, gave a natural performance. Laila’s performance after a long gap was good, but she should have shown more compelling reasons to help Sardar’s men. Master Rithvik played Laila’s son well. Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey, who recently appeared in ‘Liger’, played a full-fledged villain in it. Other lead roles were played by Avinash, Munish Kant, Yugi Sethu, Ilavarasu, and others. Background music by JI Prakash and cinematography by George C Williams is good. Rakendu Mouli’s dialogues are good. However, keeping the Tamil names as they are in many places is a pity. Not to mention Karthi fans, those who love thriller and action genre movies will surely like ‘Sardar’.

Rating: 2.75/ 5

Plus points
Karthi’s performance
An interesting story
Directing talent

Minus points
Movie Run Time
Some scenes are longer

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