Monday is very special in the entertainment world. In the last episode of Bigg Boss 14, nominated contestants were given the last chance to save themselves. Although no contestant failed in this task, but in addition to this task, the seniors described Sara Gurpal as the weakest in terms of performance. At the same time Mahi Vij is bored in lockdown and now she wants to become a mother again. Apart from this, the series of more interesting news of Bollywood, Hollywood and TV is going on. Read the updates to know the full news.

Malaika Arora, who is a celebrated celeb of Bollywood and who has made everyone fit for her fitness, has already beaten Corona. The actress has gone through a difficult phase and she has recovered and knocked on the stage of India’s Best Dancer again. Malaika Arora has always shared her fitness secrets with fans. After Corona’s grip, not only did the actress feel more weekish, hair fall also became much more frequent. In view of this, Malaika has told in the latest video how to avoid frequent hair fall.

Whatever happens in metropolitan Mumbai and there is no noise in the country. Whether the roads are filled in rain or the electricity is lost, it is a matter of discussion on all social media. In the lockdown, when the electricity bill of the stars started getting high, he also expressed his reaction through social media. Now once again, there was an outcry all over as soon as the grid failed in Mumbai. Common citizens including Bollywood celebs are reacting to this on social media. Meanwhile, actor Sonu Sood has talked about an address. Which is above any laughing-joke and anger of the people. It is a matter of patience.

Nagin fame actress Anita Hasanandani is going to be a mother after seven years of marriage. He recently discussed about baby planning in a promotional video. Earlier, Anita shared her video and gave a hint of her pregnancy. And now they have confirmed it and shared photos with baby bump.

Meera shares everything on social media. In such a situation, now Meera Rajput has shared a photo, spending a few moments of comfort. Here Meera was enjoying tea and biscuits. He also shared this with the fans and the fans liked this simple style of Meera a lot. Shahid and Meera’s fan clubs are sharing this photo a lot. Meera is also being praised.

Aditya and Shweta met 10 years ago on the sets of the film Shapit. After this, both of them fell in love. In his latest interview, Aditya Narayan said that he is thinking about getting married by the end of this year. He told that he loves Shweta from Dil-o-Jaan and wants to get married in November or December. He further said, ‘Like every relationship, both of us have seen a lot of ups and downs in the last 10 years. Marriage is just a formality in our midst. Hopefully it will be done by November or December. My parents know about Shweta and they both like her as well. I am happy that I have found my life partner in them.

Tusshar spoke to Times Now about his relationship with Sara and Aijaz’s attachment to Sara. He said- ‘While he was in America, Sara was not getting work due to which she was disappointed. Later I sent her to India so that she could get work and said that she could come back later. When she started getting work in India, she chose fame instead of personal life. A few days ago in Bigg Boss 14, Ejaz Khan confessed his attachment to Sara. Ijaz said that all is cute and they want to hug him ‘.

Due to grid failure in Mumbai, power has been cut everywhere. There is a halt in many areas of the city. The power cut has also affected the Bombay High Court. Due to this, the hearing of Richa Chadha’s case has been delayed. The hearing of Richa Chadha’s case regarding defamation case on Payal Ghosh has now been given at 3 o’clock.

Famous Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar may soon make seven rounds with singer Rohanpreet Singh, who hails from Patiala district. According to sources Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh’s Anand Karj may be concluded on October 24.

The start of Bigg Boss 14 is just a few days and from now the controversies have arisen in the name of contestants. If someone’s wedding is being revealed, then someone is listening to the story of their EX. One of them is actress Pavitra Punia, who spoke on the show about her relationship with actor Paras Chhabra and Prateek Sahajpal. Now Prateek Sahajpal has told the story on his side.

A tremendous scene is about to turn in Bigg Boss. Monday’s episode will have the first nomination and aviction of the season on the same day. One member will have to leave this show. This twist has shocked the family members. In the promo video, Bigg Boss is telling that Evicted Contestant to come out through the main gate. Now it will be revealed in the upcoming episode that which member goes out of the show. By the way, the name of Sara Gurpal is coming to the Big Boss fanclub.

There has been an outcry around the grid failure in the Mumbai metropolitan area. From the general public to Bollywood celebs, they are reacting to this. Social media is being ridiculed for the Mumbai grid failure. Many funny meams are going viral, which you will see these mimes, sitting on the exact condition of Mumbai at this time.

Who is Aryananda? Saregamapa show won with solid notes despite not coming to Hindi
Another season of Saregamapa is over and we the world of TV have got their new singing champion. The Arya Nanda Babu who came from Kerala has won the Saregamapa 2020 Trophy. We are telling some unknown things about Arya Nanda.

The grid failed in Mumbai on Monday, due to which the lights of Eastern, Western and Mumbai suburbs including Colaba, Thane and Bandra have been lighted. Celebs like Armaan Malik, Anupam Kher, Kangana Ranaut have tweeted about the power failure. While Armaan and Anupam were upset, Kangana Ranaut has tightened up on Sanjay Raut on this occasion. Kangana has shared a photo of Sanjay Raut, in which he is holding mini bulldozer in his hands. With this, he wrote, ‘#Powercut in Mumbai, in such a situation, the government of Maharashtra is …

After the grid failed in Mumbai, Amitabh Bachchan has made two tweets. Wrote in the first tweet- There is a power crisis in the entire city. But I have been able to do this message in some way. Keep calm everything will be alright In the second tweet, Amitabh Bachchan wrote – Dongle is working. Vodafan is working for me. A lot of reactions of fans are coming to this message of Amitabh Bachchan. Some people have given information about not having electricity. At the same time, some people have expressed the hope of coming soon.

In Weekend Ka Vaar, Hina asks host Salman Khan to marry her. Salman Khan gives a funny answer to this. Salman Khan said- I am married. I am the age of marriage. Meaning that she has left. Oh no, brother, I don’t mind marrying you. If you talk about anyone’s marriage, then people come directly to me.

In the last episode of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan told the contestants that Siddharth Shukla is going to get married soon. Their wedding date and timing have also gone away. On this, all the households are surprised as well as shocked. Hina Khan asks Salman Khan about the girl. Hina Khan is seen very much excited. Then Salman Khan reveals that Siddharth is going to be married in the show Balika Vadhu. After this everyone starts laughing.

The promo of the upcoming episode has come out in which the family will now have to walk on the rules of the new confirmed contestant Nikki Tamboli. Now, Nikki will decide who will get the goods from the BB Mall every day. Senior Hina Khan has given this power to Nikki. Whose Nikki Tamboli is also seen to be taking full advantage. They are making all the family members dance at their behest.

On October 11, megastar Amitabh Bachchan celebrated his 78th birthday. On this special occasion, congratulations were received from the country and the world. Despite Corona, the fans also came to meet him at his home in Jalsa. However, Amitabh could not meet anyone due to restrictions. Amid these wishes, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, daughter-in-law of Amitabh, has also wished her father-in-law on her birthday. He shared a beautiful picture of the trio of Amitabh and daughter Aaradhya.

On Saturday, the criterion of fame, Comolica i.e. actress Urvashi Dholakia, shared a post and told that she has won the battle against Corona. Urvashi told how she was in the grip of corona virus for 25 days and is now cured. He described his experience as a roller coaster ride. Now in his latest interview, he has talked about his treatment and other things.

When Urvashi was asked why she did not say anything about being corona earlier, she said, ‘I am a private person, so I did not want to beat the impression that my test positive has come. But now that I am well, I am telling my well-wishers their condition and also answering their questions if they have been missing for so long.

The serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya’s Kokilaben aka Rupal Patel has got the new Gopi Bahu and the new Ahem. This time Kokila is going to do a lot of comedy together with these two. Shocked? Actually, Rupal Saath Nibhana is not going to be seen in Sathiya but in the comedy show Gangs of Filmistan with Nai Gopi Bahu and Naya Ahem. Here she will laugh, not drama, but laugh. Both Gopi and Ahem are playing Sunil Grover in this comedy show.

The winner of the singing reality show Saregamapa Little Champs has been announced. Aryananda Babu of Kerala, while playing the magic of her voice, has won the trophy of Saregamapa Little Champs. On Sunday, the winner of the show was announced, in which Aryananda Babu gave a fierce competition to Ranita Banerjee and Gurkeerat Singh and won the singing competition. Along with this, he has also been given a cash prize of five lakh rupees.

According to the source, after completing his two weeks in Bigg Boss, Siddharth Shukla can be seen in Colors’ new show Fabulous Sunday. As soon as Siddharth comes out of Bigg Boss, he will be approached to give special performance in this new show of Colors. There is a lot of chance that Siddharth should be a part of this show. But he will be seen only in the Diwali special segment.

TV actress Neeti Taylor got married a few days ago and now she is busy in performing post-wedding rituals. Niti stepped into her in-laws’ kitchen for the first time after marriage and made flour pudding for everyone. In such a situation, he expressed his happiness by sharing photos and videos. Sharing her photo and video, Neeti wrote the caption, ‘Pratham Rasai. #attakahalwa. ‘ Niti Taylor looks very beautiful in the photo of this post. She is wearing a pink and orange salwar suit. She is smiling for the camera with a bang in her hand and putting vermilion in demand.

TV actor Arjun Bijlani recently told that his wife Neha Swamy and five-year-old son Ayan Corona have been found positive. Meanwhile, Neha’s birthday also arrived. In such a situation, Neha’s birthday celebration was not possible in the home quarantine. But Arjun surprise Neha while celebrating her birthday in a different way.

In Bigg Boss, a big update has come to the fanclub regarding the first aviction. According to which, Punjabi singer and actress Sara Gurpal has become active in the show. She has become the first contestant to be out of the house. It is being said that the decision of Sara’s aviation has been taken by the seniors. Now how much truth is there in Sara’s aviation, it will be revealed in the upcoming episode. Salman Khan also said in the weekend war on Sara that she does not seem to be doing anything special in the show. Seniors were also questioned on Sara Gurpal’s contribution to the show.

TV actress Mahi Vij wants to increase her family, but her husband Jai Bhanushali is not ready for this. In such a situation, Mahi has appealed to the fans with the help of her Instagram stories to convince Jai that Mahi wants baby. Mahi is also doing this strange request to the fans because she is bored in lockdown. Please tell that Mahi and Jai also have one year old daughter Tara.



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