Sapna Choudhary was dancing on stage, one after another

If the video song of Sapna Choudhary is released, then the view of it comes out, while if Sapna is giving stage performance somewhere, then her popularity can be gauged by seeing the crowd there. Just like this, the stars are very happy to see such love of fans, but sometimes their love becomes the cause of trouble for the stars. Something similar happened for Sapna Choudhary when she was giving a stage performance.

When the notes rain on Sapna

A throwback video of Sapna Chaudhary is becoming very viral these days, in which she is seen dancing on her hit song Teri Aankhya Ka Yo Kajal on stage. This song was such a tremendous hit, we all know that Alam is that whenever Sapna performs on stage, people definitely request to dance to this song. At the same time, when Sapna is dancing on this, her fans are seen swinging down from the stage. Meanwhile, a man comes and rains notes on Sapna. Shortly after, another person reaches and blows a note on Sapna. Shortly after this, a person comes again and again the notes start raining on Sapna. Due to this, Sapna gets upset and this problem also appears on her face.

Bodyguard stopped man

At the same time, when that person comes closer to Sapna, then the people standing behind Sapna remove it and ask them not to fly the note. At the same time, Sapna’s fan following can be estimated from this video in which her fans are dancing downstairs along with them. Which includes people of all ages.


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