Sapna Choudhary performed a bang dance on stage wearing a black suit;

Dream Chaudhry during the (Sapna Choudhary) lockdown was significantly miss their stage performance and what they told themselves fans. At the same time, even though his video songs have been rocking YouTube one after the other. But his fans always like to see him on stage. At the same time, when such a program is banned in the time of pandemic, people are liking to see Sapna’s throwback stage dance video. This is the reason why one of his videos is being well liked. In which Sapna is seen wearing a black serpent in a black suit.

Watch a lot of video

This video of Sapna is very old, but these days it is very much liked in which Sapna is seen dancing on stage in a black suit. And the flock of people to see them is also clearly visible in the video. If you too are crazy about Sapna’s dance and her style, then this video is for you only.

This song made Sapna to star overnight

Yun Sapna has danced to many hit Haryanvi songs but there was one song that made her a star overnight. That song was Teri Aankhya Ka Yo Kajal which came about 2 years ago. But even today, this song is liked as much as it was in the beginning. The special thing was that this song was also recreated many times. Even before the lockdown, when Sapna used to perform in an event, she was asked to dance to this song.

Apart from this song, Sapna has also appeared in many video songs, at the moment she is once again featured on her Milky songs So YouTube. The song is very much liked by his fans.


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