Sapna Chaudhary has once again come into the discussions regarding her new song. Which is creating a lot of buzz right now. The title of this new Haryanvi song of Sapna is – Sheesha Dekhungi Sure. Which is being liked a lot these days. In this song, Sapna looks like a full-blown bride. This new song of Sapna was released a week ago, which is being seen a lot.

Ye Dhansu song is a hit on YouTube

Like every song, this song of Sapna Chaudhary is also making a blast on YouTube. Which has received more than 26 lakh views so far. Singer of this song is AK Jatti. So at the same time, there are Prem Vats with Sapna Chaudhary who are very much impressed with this song. In this song, Sapna is seen insisting on seeing the mirror, while Sapna’s husband Vats is preventing her from doing so again and again. Watch this hit song of Sapna.

Sapna to be seen in Rajasthani songs

At the same time, Sapna Chaudhary is going to be seen in Rajasthani songs along with Haryanvi songs. Recently, she has shared a video on her Instagram in which she is seen dancing to a Rajasthani song. Often, Sapna keeps on giving a glimpse of her upcoming song. And now after seeing the mirror, after all, Sapna will be seen in Rajasthani style. She is listening to this video Rajasthani music and dialect, and Sapna is also seen dressed in the same style. Apart from the video song, Sapna is also in a lot of discussion about her photoshoot. Recently she was seen in a completely desi style. Whose discussion got a lot on social media. At the moment, Sapna and TV show Mausam A is also seen in the incident.


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