Santoshi Maa

Santoshi Maa 23rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with shukracharya arranges all of the materials in conjunction with the buti which is fundamental for life of asoors telling this to devi polomi & she praises him subsequently her guru begins intimating devi polomi to let’s begin the yagna & she takes oath of dancing in kaali form to create destructions of tridevi’s together with swati’s infant & mata santoshi’s powers.

All of the three cars of tridevi’s are moving on search of devi polomi at the same time as devi polomi’s informer birds rangini & tarangini watching this are trying make devi polomi alert about tridevi’s motors which are looking her however she is busy dancing in kaali shape for completing the yagna & in the meantime tridevi’s as well as mata santoshi are seeking to locate devi polomi with their view powers.

After the yagna finishes an evil strength erupts within the buti which shukracharya lifts & touches one of the sculptured idol which converts right into a statue of an asoor woman who gets rebirth from dust hurricane due to buti & guru introduces her to devi polomi who become killed by means of tridevi’s in satyug along with her brothers & tells her to touch this girl to permit her for stepping into her army & devi polomi touches her which makes her alive & the female praises her & guru for bringing her alive subsequently will do some thing she orders.

Later guru brings two greater asoor girl’s alive thru water & hearth who were also killed in satyug & they too are entered by way of devi polomi in her military while they also praise guru as well as devi polomi & devi polomi also responds their praise which is a great deal wanted at this hour of her plans to give up tridevi’s along with devi santoshi’s powers & her devotee’s child.

Swati is remembering all that abusing language she heard from her very own husband indresh & samiksha as well at the time she is placing flowers & mild close to mata santoshi at the same time as devi polomi emerges along with her asoor woman’s to expose mata santoshi’s devotee whose toddler they have to kill who’s dangerous for his or her asoor community & they go away to start their activity on orders of devi polomi.

Mata santoshi intimates tridevi’s that this is why devi polomi became hidden to maintain the warfare on & mata saraswati in addition to devi laxmi additionally abuse her saying she is a unusual lady who gained’t forestall her tactics to play in opposition to devi santoshi subsequently mata paravati says to permit’s search what these asoor female’s are upto with view powers & they keep looking.

Indresh comes inside the room wherein swati is trying to relaxation feeling ache at the same time as she tells him silently to come close to her because she is feeling ache however he doesn’t pay attention her & she feels he is not the identical now at the same time as indresh leaves with pillow & chaddar to sleep out of doors & swati feels anyone’s shadow coming from outdoor however it’s samiksha even as swati rests for this reason samiksha sees indresh going out of doors the room & plans her strategies.

All tridevi’s together with mata santoshi open their eyes thinking they aren’t able to see some thing whilst dev rishi also seems there informing them that he too cannot locate those lady’s for this reason mata santoshi expresses this case is pretty regarding.

Samiksha enter swati’s room locking it & attempts making use of a few oil on her hair which is ready with the aid of her however swati feels some thing happening therefore gets up even as samiksha hides but swati rests again locating not anything & samiksha finishes her work leaving from there. Mata paravati brings a ebook in her hand that may display them the right path to convey light of their trouble of searching asoor girl’s as well as devi polomi’s plans that’s praised via mata santoshi & dev rishi.

Samiksha uses her trick to persuade indresh to assist her in a task work late night whilst he feels little tired consequently she takes permission from him for preparing some thing to drink & permits her for this reason she prepares espresso in which she mixes liquor to fool him.

Precap: mata santoshi is moving towards naaglok intimating mata paravati while mata paravati tells her going alone mustn’t carry any trouble for you. Swati’s hair stand instantly while adorable asks her how this occurred & she says it is probably finished by samiksha who is making plans to show her mad however indresh receives wild seeking to slap her & swati is bowled over.


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