Santoshi Maa

Santoshi Maa 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with dev rishi praising mata santoshi’s diverse skills who is drawing portray as a result asks her what portray is that this now & she says it’s father shri ganesh’s portray which she has drawn on an coronary heart fashioned leaf. Dev rishi asks her why prabhu mahadev used elephants head to shri ganesh & she explains her that it turned into because of that animal’s capability & smartness who searches it’s desires on his own without all people’s help & dev rishi additionally praises elephant’s this great which her devotee swati too has. Swati is watching sindoor thinking about indresh’s abusing language toward her & remembering recommendation given from santoshi didi of now not bending against fake allegations & additionally to not to bend in the front of every person’s lie if at all that individual could be very near her therefore she puts sindoor on her forehead with powerful concept of overcoming any type hurdle for the sake of her husband.
Samiksha finding nobody inside the house asks honey where anybody has gone & he tells her all have gone to distribute food to negative people for which he too is going to assist them & leaves informing her about the breakfast being saved at the desk. Samiksha wonders what swati is probably trying to speak along with her consequently she feels to call indresh here but swati takes away her phone saying that now as the residence is empty nobody will intervene consisting of indresh additionally in order that i will communicate with you & swati closes the main door. As swati is coming near to samiksha she feels her like a devi coming to her conserving a trishul subsequently she shouts feeling scared but swati says that don’t you recognize indresh is married to me subsequently no one has the powers to are available in between our relations.

Samiksha is abusing her saying that i felt you dumb but you are behaving mad & swati says this may be my insanity but our marriage is achieved with all proper rituals which has advantages of mata santoshi as nicely as a result it’s no longer viable for all of us to create hassle in our married life. Samiksha says indresh after staying for nearly two months away has forgotten you presently & you were never really worth him but swati says that who’re you to determine all this & who has given you the rights to interfere in our personal members of the family for instigating him in opposition to me & samikhsa says that it’s indresh itself who has given rights because you must realize he came along with me & by no means ever remembered or known as you it way he is interested in me so it’s you who has to consider leaving us alone & i mission you after five days he will come at the side of me for his dedication however swati says he gained’t come now until our toddler is born but samiksha says he has to due to the fact he has already given commitment for 2 huge meetings & he gained’t like to attend to see all of your drama of pregnancy but swati also accepts her challenge pronouncing that he gained’t come with you presently & samiksha leaves getting irritated on her while swati emotionally falls down sitting besides bed feeling broke. Samiksha feels is she planning this way? & is going to assist her giving water however swati refuses to take & tries to rise up on her personal however again slips & samiksha tells her to atleast take help & swati takes help after thinking however warns her announcing that don’t assume i’m helpless or victimized female but once i come on my real power then you definately’ll face massive trouble because this has happened earlier too once i had additionally divorced papers for indresh but he found out his mistake making all things settled down in right manner.

Precap: samiksha tells swati that ultimate time he would possibly have found out his mistake but this time he has realized his in advance mistake about patching up with you once more hence he’s attracted to me if you want to make him come with me even as swati says indresh is mine for this reason he’ll wait or if he is yours then he’ll come with you.


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