Sangbad Pratidin: WB State Education Department Takes Many Decisions To Improve Student Psychology: What other questions are stirring in the minds of students beyond the bounds of the textbook? Are the students able to match their own questions? Special classes are being started within the four walls of the classroom to find the location of that jewel in the student’s mind. In this special class named ‘Ananda Varanka’, students will discuss with the teachers on various topics outside of reading. The purpose of that special class will be to strengthen the students’ self-confidence and to open the doors of the unknown through fluent conversation with each other. The department has also released guidelines on how the ‘Anand Range’ will be managed. This new activity is going to be started in every school from the next academic year i.e. January 2023.

As per the guidelines, every school in the state will organize ‘Ananda Varayan’ for the students of Class I to X. Every week the last class of each class i.e. the last class on Saturday will be observed as ‘Anand Pramyan’. There will be discussions between teachers and students outside of reading in the Anand range. Various programs like painting, singing, drama, and tree plantation can be taken up. According to the guidelines, the classroom should be decorated with pictures of students. Teacher photos and biodata can be displayed anywhere in the classroom or school. It is also believed that the student-teacher relationship will be stronger through this.

Besides, the school education department has decided to form ‘Shishu Sangsad’ in every school in the state to develop the personality of the students in their childhood. By participating in Shishu Sangsad, students can also participate in school management, development, development, and decision-making process. According to the published guidelines on the formation of Shishu Sangsad, students of classes V to 10 can join the Shishu Sangsad. This parliament will also have a cabinet. For example, a food minister will be in charge of maintaining cooked midday meals and kitchen gardens. PHE Minister will be in charge of cleanliness and drinking water. The health and personal cleanliness of the students will be supervised by the health minister. May have the post of Prime Minister.

In addition, a list of 9 types of work that the Shishu Sangsad can do, including organizing discussions on various topics, organizing debates, and publishing wall magazines, has been given in the guidelines. The headmaster of the school will handle the responsibility of the president of the children’s council. The President will ensure that the Shishu Sangsad performs its duties properly. He will also be responsible for organizing the meetings of the Parliament and keeping the records. According to the School Education Department, Shishu Sangsad will help in the overall development of students and inculcate leadership qualities in them. Along with these, the school education department has also decided to form a ‘house system’ in the school and organize a ‘graduation ceremony for the students promoted to the new class. Guidelines on how each new activity will be conducted have already been published by the department.

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