This Village Of Gujarat Became The Country's First Solar Power Village, Pm Modi Announced

Sangbad Pratidin: PM Modi Accused Of Violating Poll Code: No matter how much the BJP leadership shouts that the current country’s economy is like the strongest country in the world, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has practically admitted that the situation is bad. He attended a mass wedding ceremony while campaigning in Gujarat. Modi’s advice while blessing the newlyweds there revealed the disgraceful state of the country’s economy. He advises the newlyweds, not to waste money unnecessarily, but keep it in mind for the future of the children. BJP is practically uncomfortable with Modi’s advice when the Center is talking about the country’s economy.

The opposition has also criticized such issues. Allegations of bias have also been raised against the Election Commission. The commission is keeping its hands folded despite allegations of intimidation of opposition candidates against the prime minister. The Election Commission is functioning as an agency of the Prime Minister and the ruling party at the Centre. So no action is being taken. Such sensational allegations of the opposition.

While campaigning in his own state, Gujarat, the Prime Minister revealed the poor economy of the country. After campaigning in Gujarat on Sunday, Modi attended a mass wedding ceremony in Bhanbhagar. The show was named ‘Papa Ni Pari’. 551 where marriageable daughters who have no father are given in marriage. The Prime Minister’s advice to the newlyweds at the event, should not spend money unnecessarily on such events and save it for the children. He said, “The family of the newlywed couple spends a lot on the wedding ceremony due to the pressure of relatives and social respect. People compete on the cost to put on shows.”

Along with Modi’s claim, now the people of Gujarat have become aware. They are engaging in mass marriages to cut down on expenses. But the Prime Minister advised stopping wasting money thinking about the future of the children. It has been questioned. According to political circles, when a child is born, the government has to take responsibility for it. But the economy of the country is bad. A section of the political circles alleged that the prime minister is trying to shake off the responsibility of the newborns by publicly denying it.

Again, Modi is in controversy over Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh elections. He was accused of violation of election rules by Congress, but the Commission closed his mouth. On Sunday, the Prime Minister called an independent candidate in Himachal and asked him to withdraw from the polling ground. Congress released a video of a phone conversation between Modi and independent candidate Kripal Parmar. He said that he has decided to withdraw from the polling field in response to the Prime Minister’s request.

After that, Congress accused the Prime Minister of violating election rules. Party MP Abhishek Manu Singhvi alleged that the country’s economy is sinking. And the Prime Minister went out for an election campaign. Busy suppressing the rebels. From this, it is proved that for Modi, the party comes before the country. Along with this, political circles have started to question the role of the Election Commission. Why doesn’t the Commission take action when Prime Minister and BJP heavyweight leaders violate election rules? The opposition alleges that the commission is working like an agency of the ruling party at the center.

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