Sangbad Pratidin: ‘Let’s Debate’, Kunal Ghosh Challenges Suvendu Adhikari: Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh challenged the leader of the opposition party Suvendu Adhikari to sit in a public debate on the Sarada issue. Not only that, Kunal’s announcement, let the debate be held in a place like Kolkata Press Club in the presence of all TV channels and news media.

Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said in response to a question from reporters on Wednesday, “Whenever Shubhendu Adhikari cannot find an answer when faced with a political issue, he runs away with misleading information about Sarada.” I was forced to answer in turn. There is no need to say so much or to reply, I just challenge Shuvendu Adhikari to sit in an open, face-to-face debate on Sarada. Why do you make so many different comments and comments? Let’s talk face-to-face. And let this debate be telecast live on TV channels.”

While reacting to the Trinamool spokesperson being given the special duty to ‘cooperate’ in the party’s work in the East Medinipur district, the opposition leader called Kunal a thief by pointing out the ED’s return of money. Kunal said, “If I am guilty in his trial for returning the money to ED, then Mithun Chakraborty is also a thief.” Because Mithun also returned Sarada’s money through ED. In that case, Mithun was also called a thief by the leader of the opposition party. On this day, the Trinamool spokesperson said, I will file a petition in the court after the case is over.

Ahead of the panchayat polls, the Trinamool Congress has given a special responsibility to Kunal Ghosh to support the party’s work in the East Medinipur district. And on the first day, the Trinamool spokesperson started the process of demolishing the house of the BJP in Nandigram. He paved the way for the de facto return of Bhatakrishna Das and Jayadev Das, who were the electoral pillars of Subvendu in the last Assembly polls, to the Trinamool (TMC). In fact, after this, the opposition party leader attacked Kuruchikar in a practically brazen manner about Kunal’s presence in the district. Shuvendu has accused Kunal of giving misleading information about Sarada.

On this issue, Kunal Palta challenged and said, “I got mine from Sarada as a professional. I have given an income tax return. I will win the case and get the money back. I also refunded the ad money. I worked with appointment letters and took money as remuneration. And it is mentioned in Sudipta Sen’s letter that Subhendu has taken billions of rupees from Sarada. Not only that, Narada was also seen taking money wrapped in a towel. He is a pure cheater, cheater.”

After that, the Trinamool spokesperson claimed that the trailer titled Ek Nardar’s video has proved how Shuvendu Adhikari collected a lot of money, then ‘picture avi Baki haya.
Giving a challenge to Shubhendu to return Sarada’s money, Kunal said, “Just as Shubhendu knows what is written in Sudipta Sen’s letter, so do I.” He also knows how much money his brother-family has taken from Sarada. ED told the court how much money I took in salary and advertisement. Many media in Bengal have taken money from Sarada for advertising. I am the only one who returned that money through ED. So I have no problem with sitting in the debate. Kunal’s clear declaration, I have knowingly committed no crime. So there is no problem in arguing with him (Shubendu) face to face about Sarada. If he has a chest strap, let him sit face-to-face instead of behind. At any time only Saradha is ready to debate the issue in front of everyone.

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