Bigg Boss fame Sana Khan announced that she will leave the glamor industry and compete with humanity. Sana wrote in an insta post- I announce today that from today I leave my life of showbiz and I intend to walk on the destiny of humanity and the rule of my creator. It is better that when the person lives, according to the rule of his creator. Don’t just make wealth and fame your goal.

Sana Khan, who was a part of TV, films, music videos, advertisements, suddenly left the world of dazzling, and the decision to walk in the path of simplicity and righteousness is getting support from the fans. By the way, Sana is not the first actress who has chosen to live a life of simplicity and spirituality by saying goodbye to the glamor industry. Know about some such celebs.

Dangal girl Zaira Wasim surprised everyone by deciding to leave Bollywood as the reason for religion. Zaira wrote while giving this decision- I am not happy with this identity and the work I am doing. For a long time, it has seemed to me that I am struggling to become some other person. I have realized that the things that I am giving time, the things I am working hard for, and the new lifestyle I am trying to adopt, I can fit in all the things, but I I am not made for these things.

Sofia Hayat, who was a Bigg Boss 7 contestant, surprised everyone by declaring her to be a nun. His name has now become Mother Sofia. Sofia, a model, actress and singer, also said goodbye to the industry. Even after becoming a nun, Sophia remains a target of trolls. Sophia, who became a nun, often falls prey to criticism due to her bold posts.

Aashiqui fame actress Anu Aggarwal got popularity from this film. But an incident happened with Anu after which he left the film industry. Anu had an accident. After recovering from this, Anu decided to stay away from fame and retired.

Mamta Kulkarni, who has appeared in many superhit films in the 90s, is away from Bollywood for a long time. Mamta, who has left the glamor industry, has passed for a long time. Now Mamta has become a monk. Mamta had told that now she has nothing to do with the glamorous life. She lives the life of a monk.

Barkha’s career was seen in many films and TV shows. Meanwhile, Barkha became inspired by Buddhism during her visit to Sikkim. Barkha is now living an ordinary life leaving a glamorous life.

Legendary actor Vinod Khanna left the film industry at the peak of his career. Vinod Khanna, who is on top of his career, started growing inclined towards spirituality. After which he decided to go to the US to become Osho’s follower. But after a few years Vinod Khanna returned to India from there. Vinod returned to normal life again. Later he also appeared in many films.



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