Actress Sana Khan, who was a part of Bigg Boss Season 6, has been seen in all other TV shows and films. After entertaining the audience through different mediums for a long time, Sana has decided to say goodbye to the entertainment world. He has informed his fans about this by writing a long post.

Obviously this has been shocking news for her fans but Sana has now decided that she will serve humanity and will no longer be seen in showbiz.

Sana was recently seen in Disney Plus Hotstar series Special Ops. Talking about his decision to separate from showbiz, Sana asked the fans to pray for him.

Sana has also filtered her social media with this big decision. Sana is very active on her Instagram account with more than 3 crore 38 lakh followers.

She has removed all her bold and glamorous pictures from her account which she used to share. Perhaps she wants her fans to remember her image now.

In the pictures of Sana now on his account, he is seen wearing a hijab and covering most of the body except the face.

His face is visible only in the picture which is currently on the profile of Sana’s account. He has completely covered his hair and upper body.

Sana Khan wrote in her post- ‘Brothers and sisters, today I am talking to you on an important mode of my life. I have been living the life of showbiz (film industry) for years and in this period all kind of fame, respect and wealth I got luck on behalf of my loved ones, for which I thank them.

‘But now for a few days, I have the feeling that the arrival of man in this world only means that he should only earn wealth and fame?’


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