Samantha Akkineni Disappointed Her Fans In Rana Daggubati Wedding

Samantha Akkineni is one of the top actresses in the South Indian film industry. Samantha’s fan following is no less in other parts of the country. The more people like her acting, the more her beauty also wins the hearts of the people.

Talking about Samantha’s beauty secret, she uses a special 9 minute recipe. According to Samantha, this method brings instant glow on her face.

The environment also has a great effect on the skin. The climate of South India is hot most of the time, due to which there are humidities. Humidity causes problems like pores blockage in the skin, excessive sweating, dry and lifeless skin due to excess water release from the skin. Because of this, there is a different method for the skin.

Samantha has opted for steaming for her skin care. According to Samantha, steaming opens the pores of the skin. The oil, sweat, dust like dirt in these pores comes out of the pores and deep cleansing of the skin.

According to media reports, Samantha Akkineni says that whenever she gets time, she takes steam for 9 minutes. After this, cleanses the skin and moisturizes it.

Let us tell you that through pores, the skin also removes many harmful toxins and non-essential oils from the body. Pores are closed due to filling of oil and dust. Therefore, it is important to clean them.

Also, Keep in mind that it is also not good to keep the pores open at all times. The skin becomes loose due to the pores being open at all times and there is a problem of freckles, fine lines and sagging. That is, neither the pores of your skin should be closed at all times, nor should it be open. By cleaning these pores, they should be shortened with toner. There is no dirt deposited in the porcine, so be sure to clean them every day.

Dead cells of the skin are removed by steaming. When you clean the skin after steaming, the inner cells of the skin are completely cleaned and the upper dead cells are removed. After deep cleansing the skin with steam, you should nourish the skin with a good moisturizer.


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