Salt Lake TET Agitation: ‘Victims Of Injustice For A Long Time, Police Showed No Mercy To Them;  All Holy Sarkar, Rudraprasad, Kamleswaraa:  Along with the role of the police, Rudraprasad, Pavitra Sarkar, Chandan Senra also spoke about the role of the government.

Kolkata: Hunger strike to demand jobs. Kurukshetra became merciful on Thursday due to the police operation there. Bidhannagar Commissionerate Police came to the Maidan to pick up Karunamayi’s occupants at around 12:00 PM. They were picked up on a police bus. The citizens of the city have questioned the role of the police in this incident. TV Nine Bangla is full of educationist Pavitra Sarkar, playwright Rudraprasad Sengupta, film director Kamleswar Mukhopadhyay, playwright Chandan Sen, and Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra.

Director Kamleswar Mukhopadhyay

Director Kamleswar Mukhopadhyay said that the squatters were removed shamelessly. This incident must be condemned. He said, “Shame on the police administration, which has not been able to catch the cycle of job theft that has been going on for so many years. But when the eligible job seekers took to the streets today, protesting, the dictatorial terror of this administration fell on them. This anarchy exists in West Bengal not only in the education sector but also in the health sector, in the village-to-village tolabaji-syndicate kingdom. This administration is an anti-education and anti-culture administration. This administration has only shown how to keep and love criminals. Can’t see any human face till date. I believe people will unite against it in the future. I believe that the tone of this power will fade soon.”

Playwright Rudraprasad Sengupta

Actor Rudraprasad Sengupta told TV Nine Bangla about Thursday night’s incident, “What I saw on TV today seemed like the police were working a little aggressively. For example, it is being carried away by force. This is a bad side. It increases violence. It is probably not good from the side of the government. Why didn’t get a job in ’14, ’17? The government does not have the ability to provide enough jobs economically. Or can’t so many people be given jobs together?”

Playwright Chandan Sen

Playwright Chandan Sen says that ultimate brutality is going on. He said, “The dam of patience is breaking. How much respect can there be for democracy? How many of these small points will come together in a big river? It is not appropriate to play with the future of these children like this. I am very afraid of where will the common people go after that.”

Academician Holy Govt

Educationist Pavitra Sarkar told TV Nine Bangla, “We should have spoken. It is very ugly that they were handed over by the police in the middle of the night. I think it’s a shame for a civilized country. I feel very ashamed to be associated with education. The police showed no mercy to these children, who have been victims of injustice and deprivation for a long time.”

Professor Ambikesh Mohapatra

Ambikesh Mohapatra told TV Nine Bangla that the movement should be intensified immediately to save the education sector. He said, “They are sitting on the road in groups in many places. Some 500 days have passed. Some 50 days have passed. In this situation, it is natural for the state government to take such steps. At this time, people of all sections, irrespective of party affiliation, should intensify the civic movement to save the state, to save education.”


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