Salman's heroine claims, making me look like Aishwarya was a PR stunt

Actress Sneha Ullal started her career in 2005 with ‘Lucky: No Time for Love’. Sneha was compared to Aishwarya Rai. Now Sneha has reacted to it. Sneha said that it does not matter to them.

Sneha said this on comparison with Aishwarya

In an interview to a news agency, Sneha said, ‘I am happy in myself, such comparisons do not bother me. Also, it was his PR strategy to show me that way. That is why this comparison did not happen, otherwise it is not a big deal for me. 

After her debut, Sneha had said- ‘I am a very big fan of Aishwarya, her work and her position in the industry should be praised. I am not very happy about comparing him to the looks. I want my own identity. What can I do if I look like them? I don’t want to do that but I can’t change my look. I would like to be recognized for my work and achievement. 

On meeting Aishwarya, Sneha said that once she met him at a function, Aishwarya spoke very warmly and with respect. I really liked it. At first I wanted to give them a start, but later I went to them and said hi to them. 

According to reports, Sneha was discovered by Salman Khan’s sister Arpita when she came to Mumbai from Muscat. When Salman called Sneha, he thought it was a prank call. Let us know that a thriller show on Sneha G5 is going to make digital debut through expiry date. This series is based on Extra Marital Affairs. 


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