Salman Khan wants Arshi Khan with son Sheru in Bigg Boss 15, said this thing

Arshi has claimed that Salman Khan has also appealed to him to bring his son, i.e., toy Sheru. In Bigg Boss 14, Arshi brought Sheru along. It was hidden by Rahul in an episode, due to which there was a heated debate between the two. Arshi Khan has revealed that Salman Khan had asked her to return to the show at the Bigg Boss 14 after-party.

Can not live without Sheru

Arshi Khan has already been a part of two seasons. In an interview to Times of India, Arshi Khan said, “A little girl found me in the after party of Bigg Boss 14. She was asking me for Sheru. Salman sir also asked me to give Sheru to that girl, but I refused I did it. I said that Sheru is my son and I cannot live without it. ”

Watch Arshi Khan’s dance video with Sheru here-

Asked to come in next season
Arshi further said, “Salman laughed Sir and said oh, so you have become a mother now! He told me to always keep the feelings of a mother inside you and come with my son in the next season.” Arshi also said that Salman Khan once again disappointed him. Even after his repeated requests, he (Salman Khan) said, ‘Look at the shame on his (Arshi Khan) face.’


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