Salman Khan, called the Godfather of Bollywood, made a career of these Bollywood stars

The Dabangg Khan, or Salman Khan, who is called the Godfather of Bollywood, is known for his different style and attitude. Salman Khan has made many new faces debut in the Bollywood industry. In this story, we are going to tell you the names of the stars whose Salman Khan helped in making a career.

Hrithik Roshan

Salman Khan had left no stone unturned to make the career of Bollywood rockstar Hiro Hrithik Roshan, which Hrithik has not forgotten even today. Let me tell you, Salman Khan used to give training to Hrithik before coming to films. Even today Hrithik Roshan continues to thank Salman Khan.

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor whom Salman Khan himself asked to appear in films. Salman Khan has a big hand in making Arjun Kapoor’s career. Also, everything from his body building to Salman had full focus.

Himesh Reshammiya

Salman Khan was the one who brought Himesh Reshammiya to Bollywood and today the child knows Himesh. No one can beat their music.

Zarine Khan

Salman Khan launched a new face for his film ‘Veer’ named Zareen Khan. Let me tell you, Salman Khan himself wrote the story of the film ‘Veer’. Salman Khan also gave a lot of training before launching Zarine Khan. Zarine Khan appeared in several films after the film ‘Veer’.

Daisy Shah

Salman Khan launched Daisy Shah in his home production ‘Jai Ho’. Daisy Shah is keeping distance from the film world these days. But to stay connected with his fans, Daisy Shah keeps sharing his photos and videos on social media.



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