Salim Khan said big thing about his son, said, Salman will never achieve stardom like 'Kaka'

Salim Khan is very close to his son Salman Khan. Salim Khan gives correct advice to his son in every turn or any trouble. Salim Khan is quite happy to see his son’s stardom, but according to him, Salim Khan has seen many thousands of times more fan following of Salman Khan’s fan following. He believes that Salman Khan is a very good star. Father Salim Khan believes that Salman Khan can never achieve stardom like Rajesh Khanna, because no one ever attained stardom like Rajesh Khanna.

Salim Khan says that, ‘Salman Khan is a very big actor in today’s time. A large number of people gather outside the house to have a glimpse of Salman Khan. Everyone comes and tells me that no one has seen stardom like Salman Khan. But I believe that I have seen such views many times outside Rajesh Khanna’s bungalow. In the fan following of Rajesh Khanna, I have seen people from 6 years to 60 years.

Salim Khan further states that, ‘Once I was shooting for a film in Tamil Nadu with Rajesh Khanna, I saw a huge crowd to see him all at once and he was so huge that I was surprised Went to see his fan following. But till now I have never seen a fan following like him.


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