Salim Dewan, who was last seen in the film ‘Bollywood Diaries’, is now a part of the short film ‘Quran’. This short film talks about all the profound issues faced by the Islamic community around the world. It will show about the racial discrimination against the community. Salim said that after hearing the story of the film, he immediately filled the hammer to work in it.

He says, “When I heard the script for the first time, I immediately said yes. Muslims always have to suffer the consequences of the acts done by terrorists in the name of Allah, but this is not the truth.”

He added, “No religion teaches violence and nowhere in the Quran is it written that people who do not follow Islam should be killed. So I would like to emphasize that these terrorists themselves The defender of Islam says, in fact, they have no religion and certainly they are not promoting Islam. ”

‘Quran’ is being broadcast on YouTube on the official channel of Rehab Pictures Private Limited.


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