Safalta Ki Kunji: It is necessary for success to work smoothly, big preparation also depends on small efforts

The equation of success is multidimensional. Moving forward, enjoying every color and moment is success. The achievement found after spending a whole life in one tune cannot be considered a complete success.

Simply moving ahead with small efforts and living them proves true success. In the journey from Lord Krishna’s childhood to becoming Dwarkadhis, he seems to live every moment with the same enthusiasm as we experience when a goal is met. Whereas Lord Krishna’s goal was to do free work.

Those who get entangled in the goal, they are not able to celebrate their happiness as often as any ordinary person celebrates.

Alexander reached India conquering the world and defeated many kings here. His death occurred on the way back to his homeland, he was engaged in the achievement of life, but despite being successful, he was deprived of pleasure.
Sikander asked a monk in India what he could do for that monk, so the monk said – Get out from between me and sunshine. That is, the monk wanted to live each moment with joy. He wanted to experience every moment of success. For this, he did not even keep the brain filled with unnecessary facts and goals.


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