Sadhana spent 20 years of life in loneliness, due to this, the court affair

By reading these words ‘Jhumka Gira Re, Bareilly Ke Bazaar’, you must have remembered the film actress Sadhana (Sadhana). If this beautiful face saw a lot of success, then on the other hand, the misery did not be less. Sadhna was the only child of her parents, raised and raised from big guns. He started his career with the film ‘Love in Shimla’ in the year 1960. Instrument became a star as soon as the film became a hit.

It is often seen that the actress of the film falls in love with her hero, but the instrument lost heart over the director RA Nayyar of her first film and after a 6-year relationship, the two got married after the year 1966. Sadhna gave many hits to Hindi cinema. Which included many great films like ‘Mera Saaya’, ‘Woh Kaun Thi’, ‘Ek Phool Do Mali’, ‘Rajkumar’, ‘Waqt’, ‘Mere Mehboob’. Even today, his films, their performances and beauty bring people to the same era.

Sadhana lived with husband RA Nayyar for 30 years of marriage, but her husband died in 1995. After her husband passed away, Sadhana remained completely alone as she had no children. Sadhana spent 20 years of her life in loneliness. During this time she also started living very sick.

Not only this, the house where she lived was being sued. Because of which he often had to make rounds of the court and police station. She alone was facing everything. He neither had any expectation from any relative nor friend. In the year 2015, Sadhna breathed her last in Mumbai. On that day, an important rose of Hindi cinema had turned away from the world.


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