Sadar Festival: Everything Is Ready For The Sadar Festival, Plow Rush In Bhagyanagar: After the Diwali festival, Bhagyanagaram is getting ready for the Sadar festival. Amidst drum beats and youth dances, the beautifully performed dunnapotula dances will be a special attraction. Yadavs celebrate this festival grandly. Thousands of people flock to the city to witness the two-day festival of Sandar, starting from Diwali. This Sadar festival was started in Narayanaguda in 1946 by Salandri Nyam Chaudhary Mallaiah Yadav. This year Sadr Utsav will be held in the twin cities on Wednesday. Especially for the Sadar festival held on the 27th of this month (Thursday) in Narayanguda, plows are brought from Haryana, Kerala, and Punjab as well as twin cities and suburbs. He said that the exercises will be held on the 26 and 27 this year. On the evening of the 27th, the demonstration will start from Musheerabad and reach Narayanaguda. It will continue till dawn. Dunnarajas of other states also come for the festivities.

Edla Haribabu Yadav from Mushirabad, Laddu Yadav from Chappalbazar, Madhu Yadav from Khairatabad, and others are preparing to compete in Sadar. Edla Haribabu Yadav has already brought Dunnaraj from Haryana along with Talasani Arjun and Srikrishna. Having won many championships in Haryana, he moved the plow to the city and is taking care of it in an incredible way. They bathe twice daily and provide nutrition. This time the special attraction will be the King of Australia Sher Khan. The special attraction will be the 35 crores Haryana Dunnaraj Garuda. The cost per day is Rs. 8 thousand to Rs.10 thousand. Haryana Dunnaraj provides dry fruits, apples, and 10 liters of milk as fodder. Rum and whiskey are also drunk weekly.

Srikrishna Dunna from Haryana will be a special attraction in the Sadar this time. Edla Haribabu Yadav, State General Secretary of Akhil Bharat Yadav Mahasabha from Mushirabad and former State Secretary of TRS, Srikrishna from Jugland village of Isan district of Haryana state was brought to Mushirabad from a distance of about two thousand kilometers in a special AC container vehicle for the performance of Sadar Utsav. Weight 1800 kgs, height seven feet, length 18 feet.. age five years.. Srikrishna dunna is given food worth Rs. 5 thousand every day. morning. evening 10 liters of milk, dry fruits, kaiju, pistachio, apple fruits, ghee, jaggery, etc. They are fed. Every two liters of mustard oil is massaged and bathed with shampoo, which is followed by two workers. Special fans are arranged for sleeping.

Five-year-old king dunna of Punjab state weighs 1600 kg, height six and half feet, length six feet looks attractive, Talasani Arjun Yadav dunna of state minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav is four years old. Bahubali looks slim with a weight of 1500 kg and a height of six feet. Also, Bhim Dunna of the city is also ready for the Sadar celebrations. And with the Sadar festival, Bhagyanagar plowing rush started. However.. the hair on the ploughman’s body is removed and it is made black and shiny.. butter and curd are used for that. The horns are decorated with colorful ribbons… peacock feathers are arranged. After this decoration, spices are sprinkled and then they are wrestled. Sadar celebrations are going on in Narayanaguda.


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