Sachin Vaze

Mumbai: A bomb blast at the home of industrialist Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai is under investigation. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested former police officer Sachin Waze on February 24 in connection with the discovery of a vehicle with gelatin sticks at his residence. Sean reconstruction was done at the same location on Friday in connection with the case. Police and NIA officials cordoned off the area around 7.30 pm last night. Forensic experts arrived with their vehicles and first took photos with cameras all over the place. That road was marked with tape. Later in the night around 11.30 pm Sachin Waze was brought there and the whole scene was reconstructed. At first he was led in plain clothes. Jesse then put on a PPE kit and recorded the scene with video again.

Sachin Vaze
CCTV footage showed a man wearing a PPE kit and parked the vehicle without anyone noticing. It later became clear that the man was Sachin Wajay. As part of the latest investigation into the case, he was brought back to the scene and Sean reconstructed. All this went on for about three hours. The affair ended around 11pm. Sachin Waje was later taken away by the authorities again. Until then the police had not allowed anyone around them into the area. When all this was over the people were allowed into the area again. The locals were shocked when the event turned out to be a drama.

Sachin Waje will be in the custody of the National Investigation Agency till the 25th of this month.
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