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SABC’s Expert Committee Formed For Better Quality Reading In Science And Technology Ashok Sengupta: Calcutta, November 8 (H.S.): UGC has taken an initiative to quickly reach the benefits of science and technology education to the students of the entire country without restricting it to any specific boundaries. Some states of the country have progressed a lot. For that purpose, the State Academic Bank of Credit (SABC) Expert Committee was constituted to look into the possibility in West Bengal as well.

Eminent scientist and vice-chancellor of Rani Rasmani Green University, Dr. Ashutosh Ghosh told this reporter, “This method has been partially introduced in this state in the study of various branches of engineering. It greatly increases the quality of reading excellence. Potential, talented students benefit.” ‘Swayam NPTEL’ (National Program on Technological Enhancement Learning) was created in 2003 under the initiative of the Union Ministry of Education to implement the project. It is headquartered at IIT Chennai.

Out of the 23 IITs in the country, seven old IITs, 3 IISERs, and IISC Bangalore—management of some of the best science institutions in the country. At each of these locations, high-quality studios have been built. Professor Dr. Amritkrishna Mitra is one of those who is implementing this project in West Bengal.

Amrita Babu, a former IIT professor and professor of Singur College, told this reporter, “This educational project is like opening heaven to good students. Through this, not only B.Sc., M.Sc.-level and professors, students will get the opportunity to upgrade themselves in all-India exams like ‘NET’, ‘GATE’ etc. There are ‘Doubt Clearing Sessions. Such a modern and good-quality curriculum is simply unimaginable. Classes and exams will all be online.”

Amrita Babu said, “Those interested can take the class for free by registering in advance. 8 and 12-week subject-specific curriculum. A fee of Tk 1,000 (1,100/- in case of faculty) will be required to appear for the examination. A field survey is mandatory. The question papers are mainly in MCQs. However, Mathematics, Numeracy, and Economics are conducted on paper. This 3-hour exam is called the ‘Proctored Exam’. All online. A part of the marks obtained in this examination will be added to the final result of the main examination of the student. Students will get additional benefits in higher education, and research. The certificate will bear the signatures of two eminent professors of IITs. Its implementation has already started in certain places of Siliguri, Barasat, Hooghly, and Salt Lake in West Bengal.”

According to state higher education department sources, detailed guidelines will be prepared to look into its formulation and implementation. An expert committee has to be formed for this Vice-Chancellor of Jadavpur University has been made the chairman of the seven-member committee. Suranjan Das. Sister Nivedita University Vice-Chancellor Professor (Dr.) Dhrubjyoti Chattopadhyay, West Bengal State Council of Higher Education Vice Chairman (Education) (Dr.) Kaushik Dasgupta, West Bengal State Council of Higher Education Joint Secretary (Education), Dr. Moumita Bhattacharya, Principal of Deenbandhu Andrews College, Kolkata Dr. Somnath Mukhopadhyay, Principal of Debra Thana Shahid Khudiram Smriti Mahavidyalaya, West Medinipur Dr. Rupa Dasgupta. Committee Member Convener Joint DPI Dr. Partha Gangopadhyay. The expert committee will submit the proposed guidelines in this regard to the higher education department within one month from the date of notification i.e. December 7.

Dhruvajyotibabu, a member of this committee, told this reporter on Tuesday, “UGC recommended the implementation of this idea seven years ago. Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra have converted a lot. Work has progressed in Kerala too. Our newly formed committee will look into the infrastructure and ancillary issues in the state and make recommendations to them.” This will create a system through which interested students can get access to better-quality education.


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