Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1 August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa faints seeing the finger. Pankaj cries. Gehna throws water on baa’s face and he or she wakes up. Anant receives a name from dinesh. He selections up the decision and says how dare he to cut kanak’s finger. Dinesh says, it seems like they noticed the finger with closed eyes. It’s a faux finger. Kanak laughs inside the historical past. Gehna confirms that it’s faux.

Dinesh says that if they are attempting to be clever again, then he’s going to send the useless frame to them next time. He asks anant to pay him the cash. Chetan asks how they can accept as true with him that he virtually abducted kanak. Dinesh says that he will send them a real finger now. Kanak screams. Bapuji says give them the money. Chetan asks from wherein they’ll bring that plenty cash. Bapuji says they will promote the residence. Dinesh says to transfer property to their call as an alternative. Bapuji says he’ll do this, but simply loose kanak.

Pankaj cries and tells bapuji to provide them cash rapid, else they’ll reduce kanak’s finger for real. Police come. Hema gets satisfied questioning kanak’s plan will fail. An officer asks which finger? Anant says not anything. The officer says that they got name from that residence. Gehna says that it need to be a mistake. Police go away announcing they gained’t come to assist them once more as identical mistake occurred previously. Bapuji asks who referred to as police. Chetan says that hema did. Pankaj is going to hema and asks why she known as. She takes kanak as a sister and whilst kidnappers said they would kill kanak if they touch police, then why did she name? Hema cries.

Pankaj tells anant that he said he gained’t permit something take place to kanak. He cries. Anant takes him with him. Baa tells bapuji that this is residence is their identification, everything. She never concept that they’ll have to go away house like that. Gehna tells them that they’ll find a manner to deliver kanak returned. Mamaji, chetan try and arrange the money over the phone. Baa brings her jewelries to bapuji pronouncing if that would assist out. Gehna brings the money that she stored for her research. Hema brings her savings as properly, hoping they won’t ought to deliver the house. Bapuji says they don’t have another option except freely giving the house.

Kanak asks dinesh whether or not he began getting the papers prepared. He says sure. She says that she wants to be desai house’s queen as soon as feasible. Dinesh asks whether she sincerely thinks they may make the residence on her call. She says sure, she knows them thoroughly. Anant tells gehna that he doesn’t assume kanak is surely abducted. If she became sincerely abducted, then the kidnappers would have cut and despatched a real finger. He comes to a decision to discover whether kidnappers are real or faux before giving away their residence to them. If the abductors can play a sport with them with the aid of sending a fake finger, then they can also play a sport with kidnappers.

She asks what sport? He smiles. A person (dinesh) calls pankaj out of doors domestic. A masked guy (dinesh) comes and offers belongings papers to pankaj and says that he’s going to inform them when and where to sign. Pankaj tries to look the face. During their combat, a bullet receives fired and it hits in pankaj’s leg. Sapan does the useful resource and says it’s excellent that the bullet just touched pankaj’s leg. Pankaj tells bapuji that he is genuinely scared now and tells him to signal the assets papers. Chetan tells bapuji not to sign. There’s no guarantee that the kidnappers will unfastened kanak upon getting the property. He agrees with hema and says they must inform the police.

Pankaj reminds them approximately the kidnapper’s caution. Gehna agrees with pankaj and says money is not extra important than personal people. Bapuji says that they gained’t inform some thing to police, he will signal the papers. Anant enters and says, prevent. They don’t must sign the papers. He has a plan. Hema receives very satisfied.

Precap: kidnapper / dinesh factors a gun at gehna and says if they want kanak returned, then sign the real property papers.


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