Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Desai family hires a psychiatrist for Gehna. The psychiatrist asks how long she’s seen her husband. She asks who he is. He says her husband is gone and they sometimes imagine a dead person. Gehna says that her husband is alive and she The psychiatrist says that after losing her husband, Gehna lost her emotional balance and imagines him everywhere.

Before her condition worsens, she should be admitted to a mental hospital and treated. Gehna says she saw Anant on the street and asks Radhika to tell everyone she was there too. Radhika says yes and then says that she hopes to be able to say this. Kanak smiles and says that Gehna has lost her mental balance and should be transferred to the insane asylum immediately.

The psychiatrist supports them and says that a great psychiatrist, Dr. Siddharth, come tomorrow and treat you well. Kanak believes that Dr. Gupta is on the right track and will soon prove Gehna insane by revealing that the doctor is his puppet. Radhika is walking down the hall when Kanak pulls her up and tries to hit her. She twists Kanak’s hand and smiles.

Kanak says their drama is going well and until Gehna goes insane they cannot share the Desai house. Radhika expresses her anger at Gehna, saying that she lost Anant to Gehna. She’ll drive Gehna crazy. Gehna, looking at the photo of Anant, shouts why he is hiding, that he should come in front of everyone. She goes on to describe the promises she made to him and says that she must return at all costs.The next morning,

Baa Gehna brings tea and cannot find it in the room. Worried, he searches the whole house. The whole family comes together. He says that Gehna is not found all over the house. Krishna calls Gehna, but somewhere his phone is ringing. Tia asks where he went without a cell phone and a bag. Krishna looks up and comes back and says that Gehna’s taxi is there, but not her bike. He drives with Baa, Bapuji, Hiral and Radhika Gehna’s taxi in search of her.

Gehna rides her bike fast and imagines Anant everywhere. Krishna notices them and says that they must stop them.Gehna skids on her bike and falls while imagining Anant collapsing in front of her. You take it home. She wakes up and calls for Anant. Baa asks him why he was riding his bike fast, he had a fatal accident. Radhika tells Kanak that if she acts insane, she doesn’t have to prove that Gehna is crazy like herself. Hema says that Gehna has lost her emotional balance and society will continue to humiliate her. Krishna says that Gehna is disturbed after 2 serious accidents

but has not lost her spiritual balance. Sapan supports it. Kanka says that she is Dr. Gupta called again to treat Gehna.Dr. Gupta comes in with his team and says that Gehna must be transferred to a mental hospital immediately. The family agrees, but Gehna resists and pleads with them. Bapuji says he will recover after the treatment and return home.

Kanak tells Radhika that her doll doctor won’t let her. Gupta forces her into an ambulance and takes her away. Gehna finds herself tied to a hospital bed and waits as usual for Anant to come and save her. A man who looks like Anant walks in. Her Anant prescribes medication for her and says that after taking it, she will remember that he was Dr.Siddharth Mukherjee.


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