Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tia and sagar’s sangeet rite continues. Gehna thinks tia blindly trusts sagar, they will divulge sagar’s reality in the front of her and make her recognise how lots her circle of relatives loves her. Anant dances around tia on ek ladki ki suno mai sunawoon dastan.. Song. Tia cheers up. Krishna then plays on sanwali si ladki.. Music. Hema dances on ye galiyan ye chaubara.. Tune.. Followed by means of baa. Chetan, pankaj, and anant then on chakde chakde saare gham.. Song. Gehna joins them. Badpuji and baa and others then plays on ude jab jab zulfen teri.. Tune. Anant then with teary eyes signs and symptoms tere dil ka mere dilse rishta purana hai.. Tune. Tia also receives emotional and cries hugging him. After performances, gehna tells krishna that the following day sagar’s boat will drown in sagar/ocean and he may be punished for his sins. She tells circle of relatives nowadays is tia’s life’s largest day and all of them want tia communicate her coronary heart out. She offers a mic to tia and asks her to speak what is in her coronary heart. Tia says circle of relatives is nothing in a person’s life. Family receives stunned hearing that. Tia further says they’re the entirety and circle of relatives allows and stand by them when they may be in problem. Circle of relatives gets emotoinal listening to that. Tia says she is lucky that she were given a this sort of lovely own family, mainly anant cherished her immensely and stored her like a princess. She apologizes anant for paining his heart seeing that some days, hugs him and cries immensely. Sagar indicators bhavani.

Bhavani says if brother and sister’s emotional solidarity has completed, she desires to mention some thing. She says she is rani and tia is bahurani, gives bridal get dressed to tia, and says this isn’t just bridal get dressed but sasural’s dignity and she must guard it. Tia tries to talk. Bhavani says they will communicate day after today and leaves. Anant thank you gehna for supporting him reconcile together with his sister and says now it might be simpler to explain tia. Gehna walks to tia and says they have to trade their decision once they discover the fact, she has 2 roads in advance in the front of her and should pick out the right course. Tia asks what does she mean. Bhavani enters and asks tia if she wants to be wake till overdue night and appearance light during her haldi ceremony and asks gehna to allow tia sleep. Tia walks out. Anant with krishna expecting her asks if she defined tia. Gehna says no. Anant says all their efforts will move in vain. Gehna says tia will put on anant’s gifted lehanga and now not sagar’s and prays god. Kanak asks sagar to be careful as anant and gehna will not take a seat quiet and already need to be making plans something. Sagar says he has made arrangements now not to allow absolutely everyone near tia will wedding.

Subsequent day, for the duration of haldi rite, gehna tells anant that she will inform fact to tia or it will likely be too past due. Gehna notices gehna going and thinks she can meet gehna however will won’t have the ability to speak to her. Gehna walks into tia’s room and tells sagar’s lehanga. Kanak walks in and asks gehna to take tia down for ceremony. Gehna asks her to go at the same time as she brings tia. Kanak smears tia’s jewelry with kajal and says its searching black and needs sharpening. Gehna consents and takes jewelry for sharpening and thinks she needs to talk to tia soon otherwise it will be too past due.

Precap: gehna creates smoke at some point of bridal ceremony. Sagar applies sindhoor and mangalsutra to bride.


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