Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna asks gehna in which is she going in a hurry. Gehna famous that suman known as and knowledgeable that sagar will promote tia after marriage. Krishna gets irritated and shouts he’s going to kill sagar. Gehna says they have to divulge sagar in the front of tia first and asks him to preserve an eye on sagar whilst she meets suman as her cellphone switched off in among. Krishna fumes on sagar. Tia dances with sagar and seeing his childish performing thinks he’s so harmless, why did anant and gehna allege him, but what if the are proper. Sagar asks what is she questioning. She asks him to go and let her get ready for sangeet. He consents and leaves carrying his toy digicam. Krishna notices that. Goons seek suman. Suman hides in the back of motors. Gehna rescues her and takes her along. Circle of relatives discusses that their dance practice is completed, but gehna is missing.

Sagar thinks gehna have to be up to some thing, so he need to ensure she doesn’t break his plan this time. He keeps his childish acting and asks anant to bounce on bhaiya raja bajayega baja song. Kanak gives him tea and warns now not to dance a whole lot in any other case he’ll cave in. Sagar says this time his plan will not fail. Anant warns sagar to prevent celebrating before his victory as there is still sooner or later left for his wedding ceremony. Sagar says he doesn’t fail. Hema says they all will dance with her bhaila. Chetan says he is acting as glad for tia otherwise he does approve tia’s marriage with this kind of wrong person. Sagar thinks they will be in a surprise day after today and waits for his parcel. A big parcel arrives. Courier boy says sagar ordered it. Sagar says bhavani ordered it to hold wedding ceremony items. Gehna requests suman to help her disclose sagar and also herself to get out of sagar’s grip. Suman says she just wishes sagar’s name for her baby and after her baby is born, she will be able to kick sagar out of her existence. Gehna gives her bridal get dressed and asks her to be geared up. Sagar takes large trunk to his room. Bhavani asks what’s he up to. He assures her he isn’t planning anything and sends her away.

His purchaser videocalls him and he tells his customer that he is doing his work and imagines as soon as he marries tia and receives her into room, he will provide her hypnotic and send her to client in a big trunk. Baa emotionally items her adorned sari to tia and asks her to get prepared. Anant walks in subsequent and says she is his more youthful sister and he’ll never think bad for her. Gehna walks in subsequent and wipes tia’s tears. Tia recalls suman’s phrases. Gehna hugs her and thinks she doesn’t recognize what sagar will do to her, says a brother promises to shield his sister in alternate of rakhi and therefore she shouldn’t be afraid and think that anant will never let anytihng wrong happen to her. She asks her to get equipped for sangeet and pop out. She walks down to corridor. Anant thinks he is sure she is hiding some problem. She thinks she can screen it to him once sangeet ends.

Hiral and kanak deliver tia down for sangeet. Bhavani proclaims tia’s dance in her very own style. Tia dances with sagar on idhar chala mai udhar chala.. Song. Sagar lustfully hugs her from behind. Own family feels embarrassed considering the fact that. Gehna separates them.

Precap: bhavani offers bridal get dressed to tia. Gehna hopes tia wears anant’s talented bridal dress. Tia looks at both dresses.


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