Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kusum recalls gehna’s phrases that there may be not anything like loss in lifestyles and there are simplest victory and instructions in life. Swara says her frame is aching badly after today’s opposition and hopes it ends quickly and he or she wins. Swara blindfolds her and prepares her for next spherical. Swara hits furnishings repeatedly and fumes that rather than saving her, she is letting her get hurt. Kusum says she doesn’t need to assist her as she has to play on my own day after today.

Swara asks if she got scared of gehna. Kusum says gehna may be very sensible and finds out their plan without difficulty, so she will be able to now not help her at any value. Swara pleads. Kusum sends her out of room and locks door. Swara thinks she will be able to use mind games and fail absolutely everyone’s thoughts. Gehna receives a nightmare. Anant wakes her up and asks her to hurry to mother and cope with her till he returns.

Gehna rushes to baa’s room and forestalls seeing baa’s drawn laxman rekha/line, remembering baa’s caution. Sapan tests baa and says her life is in hazard. Gehna attempts to pass line and get in whilst swara drags her away and ties her down with kusum’s assist and says she desires to get rid off baa from her life. She frees herself one way or the other and rushes to baa to discover her already handed away.

She wakes up involved and realizes it turned into her dream and determines not to let swara and kusum in their plan. Subsequent morning, baa opens her room door, finds gehna drowsing on floor there, and asks what is she doing right here. Gehna pleads to forgive her daughter. Baa says she doesn’t want to get overdue for competition and break her circle of relatives’s recognition. Anant with others walk in and requests baa to forgive gehna. Bapuji additionally requests baa, but baa gets adamant. Swara and kusum suppose gehna is a fool to initiate baa again.

Gehna tries to wipe out laxman rekha. Baa stops and slaps her. Hema goes to satisfy kanak in prison and asks constable why she has saved kanak in a separate mobile. Constable says kanak has long past mad and is blabbering constantly. Kanak asks approximately sagar. Hema says he didn’t agree. Kanak asks to call pankaj right here. Hema says he’s going to no longer come here as they may be divorced. Kanak panics and says she used to be lovely with make-up, but the whole thing is long past. Again at desai residence, gehna tells baa that a mom as right to punish her baby for her mistake, however ought to forgive her. Baa walks away saying she is getting overdue for opposition.

Swara thinks anything gehna attempts, oldie goldie will not chill out. Kusum says gehna has pinched baa’s weak nerve and will benefit her forgiveness at any cost. Swara asks her to accompany her to competition. Kusum says she can not as gehna will win nowadays’s opposition anyhow. Swara thinks of looking for pankaj’s assist by way of luring him. Anant consoles gehna and receives her geared up for opposition. Swara walks into pankaj’s room and attempts to entice him, but he walks away. She sees pankaj’s smartphone ringing, selections it, and disconnects name pronouncing pankaj is busy nowadays and cannot come. Host announces competition 4th spherical. Baa asks chetan approximately hema. Hema says she should be coming. Gehna receives a call from health facility and looks involved.

Swara thinks gehna have to have were given a equal name which pankaj got, snatches gehna’s cellphone, and disconnects call. Gehna warns to tell pankaj. Swara says she will now not allow pankaj meet his ex-wife. Gehna says kanak become her bhabhi and he or she has to inform pankaj approximately kanak’s situation. Swara warns her that she will be able to lose competition if she leaves. Gehna says she isn’t egocentric like swara and searches pankaj. Swara hits her head from at the back of, makes her subconscious and hides her in a trunk.

Precap: swara threatens kanak with a tweezer. Kanak picks a knife. Baa notices that and warns kanak. Kanak says swara provoked her first. Gehna helps kanak. Baa warns kanak to dare not threaten swara once more as she is pankaj’s spouse and her elder bahu now.


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